Here At Long Last: Suzuki's Press Release Announcing MotoGP Withdrawal

Eleven days after the members of the Suzuki's MotoGP team were informed and the news leaked out, on the Monday after Jerez, Suzuki have finally issued a press release confirming the news. Suzuki have decided to withdraw from MotoGP at the end of the 2022 season.

The press release is very short and scant on details, but there are a few things that can be deduced from it. Firstly, Suzuki do not state that they are withdrawing, but in discussions with Dorna about withdrawing. On Wednesday, Spanish journalist Nico Abad caught up briefly with Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta, who told him that he "did not see a solution" to the problem with Suzuki. Negotiations now are likely to focus on the terms of the withdrawal.

The second detail is that the reasons Suzuki give for the withdrawal are the "current economical situation" and "big changes that the Automotive world is facing in these years", forcing them to "shift costs and human resources to develop new technologies". The latter statement seems to imply that Suzuki's main focus will be on electric vehicles for the next few years, and they are sacrificing the MotoGP program as part of that.

The process of a withdrawal is likely to take several months. In the meantime, the Suzuki Ecstar MotoGP team will line up at Le Mans this weekend for the French GP.

The official press release from Suzuki appears below:


Team Suzuki Press Office – May 12.

Suzuki Motor Corporation is in discussions with Dorna regarding the possibility of ending its participation in MotoGP at the end of 2022.

Unfortunately, the current economical situation and the need to concentrate its effort on the big changes that the Automotive world is facing in these years, are forcing Suzuki to shift costs and human resources to develop new technologies.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Suzuki Ecstar Team, to all those who have supported Suzuki's motorcycle racing activities for many years and to all Suzuki fans who have given us their enthusiastic support.


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A day prior they released the prev year's financials. Due to inflation of materials costs their profits in motorcycles decreased FIFTY NINE percent.

Motorcycle business:

'Net sales increased by ¥8.7 billion (14.1%) to ¥69.8 billion YoY, mainly owing to expanded sales of higher range models such as the new Hayabusa. However, operating profit decreased by ¥2.3 billion (59.5%) to ¥1.7 billion YoY, mainly owing to increase in raw material prices.'

Could it be an option for Suzuki to sell the team, including the development organization and its intellectual property? It looks like Suzuki won't have any particular use of its know-how in terms of internal combustion engine development and racing chassis development (or motorcycle aerodynamics for that matter). So better try to get some money from it.

Who would be interested in buying? I see two candidates, one likelier than the other:

1. BMW: BMW is much more of a premium brand than Suzuki, and are still committed to combustion engines and to racing in general. They could likely get synergy effects by merging the Suzuki racing division with BMW Motorsport. The more likelier candidate.

2. Kawasaki: A larger company than Suzuki and are more inclined to racing. Buying the Suzuki team would give them a clear shortcut to MotoGP. Is it politically feasible? Usually no, but these times are not normal. Still, they are the less likelier candidate.

Kwak have no interest in spending €50 million to be a nobody in MotoGP when they are spending far less to (mostly) dominate WSBK.

Beemer can't even be competitive in WSBK. Various parties have claimed BMW would enter MotoGP since 2004, they even showed off a prototype just as the class moved to a different technical formula, but their mythical entry has never appeared. BMW are even less likely than Kawasaki.

"the current economical situation" and "the big changes that the Automotive world" all just happened in the last few weeks! Right. The economical situation was just peachy, and no one was talking about electric vehicles when they sign with DORNA for 5 years.

So, as much as Suzuki tried to separate the auto and moto divisions, they were inextricably linked at the financial level. In a capitalist world, the economic model is the foundation that a business is built upon. We try to make it about the people, but apparently the currency has more value. Can't afford medical care, sometimes you are out of luck. The empty grandstands and Dorna's 100 million operating loss of 2020 is a stark reminder. Too many of those kinds of seasons, and goodbye motogp. At least the model it currently is. The form would adapt and change to something else. Electric? Getting with the times? Electric race bikes that can dust a motogp bike just may be coming. If the conditions allow for free reign of ingenuity. Given enough time and money, humans can dream up and manifest just about anything in this world. Fortunately the fear of covid travels in waves and the new cases and deaths are tapering off. At least that's what the info on the web says. Only as true as the info we are being fed. And Dorna does not have to face the reality that Suzuki is currently embracing. It's Suzuki's choice, apparently. But enough people choose it and it turns into a movement with a life and spirit of it's own. Electric propulsion! Save the planet! Save us! (As long as you can pony up the cash, afford your own life.)

The next step, if Dorna cannot turn around its financial fortunes, is a merger between production and prototype racing. At this point it might be inevitable. Neither MotoGP nor WSBK is getting the bills paid, and some of the national series are on life support. The manufacturers aren't doing great, either. 

Interested? Read it. Not? Don't! Sincerely. 

Speaking of teams and funding issues...Be very glad we didnt get Bonesaw VR46, or this piece in today's news would be us here in the Paddock.

Greg Norman’s brushing off of Jamal Khashoggi’s killing as an understandable mistake has been condemned by the fiancee of the late Washington Post columnist.

The former No. 1 golfer is leading a series of Saudi Arabia-funded tournaments in England and has come under criticism for his comments about Khashoggi’s gruesome death on Oct. 2, 2018, at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. THIS is why and how the Saudi regime is buying sports teams/events. It is not far fetched speculation.

“Look, we’ve all made mistakes and you just want to learn by those” the 67-year-old Norman said Wednesday at an event to promote the tournaments. The Australian then noted “the good that the country is doing in changing its culture.”

Khashoggi, who had written critically about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had gone into the consulate to collect documents required for him to marry his Turkish fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, and never came out.

Khashoggi was killed and dismembered with a bone saw inside the consulate by a team of Saudi agents. The group included individuals who worked for the crown prince’s office. His remains have not been found. MBS and his regime have been accused of extensive crimes against humanity. Incl against his own family members! Go look if curious, I did. Big creepy list, that.

Thank you Mooney, Vale et al!!! Whew. Bullet dodged. 

Btw, MBS is short for Mohammad bin Salman, but THAT is short for Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud. Not kidding, that is his full name. After a couple years of not communicating outside of his country's favored news sources, he has just started on a campaign to clean up his image. His first statement? That HE was a victim in the Khashoggi killing since his rights of innocent until proven guilty weren't respected. 

THIS is why he was coming to MotoGP! That is why it was brought up here. And I do again because it is in the news, happening with his "golf Valentino Rossi" Greg Norman. 

All done here, on to LeMans sans Bonesaw.

I did think of the Suzuki shemozzle when I saw in the news yesterday that Aramco had just become the world's most valuable company. Not ever suggesting that VR or anyone else take that blood money however, but it's clear that having a tonne of sponsorship money on tap really frees up a team for development (ala KTM and the lolly water cash flow). If a BIG sponsor was found - could that possibly allow Suzuki to continue? 

Suzuki had their chance when VR46 wanted them for his satellite team. They could've had the biggest draw in motorcycle racing on their bikes. When they refused they became dead to me. They are a company without honor; they have no ambition. Good riddance, make room for a team that will honor their commitment. I feel bad for the crew but they work for a small-minded outfit that has no integrity. Suzuki, ptooey.

Why would MBS have Kashoggi killed at a Saudi government facility?

I'm not sure about Turkey and the Saudi embassy but embassy grounds are afforded special status such as immunity from most local laws...murder definitely not. Sometimes embassy ground is sovereign ground but not often. Either way murder wouldn't pass off. From some of the reports at the time it was suggested that their original plan was to 'arrest'/kidnap/render him back to somewhere for the deed etc. Maybe that is the mistake.

Misjudgement ? Mistake ? Accident ? Take your pick of any of the three except the last two.

Khashoggi was in hiding from MBS, supposedly. Why would he risk his life by walking into a Saudi Embassy controlled by his enemies? 

The press is reporting that MBS murdered a political enemy on film in an official Saudi government facility. That alone should be absurd enough for people to ask questions. The notion that Khashoggi would walk into a Saudi government facility controlled by his political enemies to get a marriage license is equally absurd. These people are sophisticated operators, not lovesick dopes who just want legal true love.

Khashoggi was lured to the embassy by people he trusted (not MBS), and then tortured and murdered. The purpose of luring him to the embassy was to create an international scandal for MBS because the people who murdered Khashoggi are also MBS' political enemies. The murderers also wanted to world to know they are still around. The question is "why?". Did Khashoggi betray these people? Was he a loose end that needed to be tied off? If MBS wanted him dead it would have been covert ops, and it would have looked like an accident.

Everyone who conducts high-profile international business has some low-level spook whispering in their ear, and they know MBS probably didn't do it. They also know the average person believes fake news. Doing business with MBS' orbit is a calculated risk. Norman was not prepared to field a question from a hostile press agent.

Anyway, back to racing......and critical thinking.

^ Phoenix, not responding to that stuff. Quick note though in the interest of balance here, his Regime has been doing exactly this kind of thing all over the place, consistent brazen behavior. More than hundreds of cases, long string of them. I see irony in your "fake news" consistent with goal oriented propaganda. 

Sometimes, often, pretty good rule of thumb...hello Occam. The use of words is important. Subtle hyperbole. In hiding followed by supposedly, government facility, controlled by enemies, sophisticated operator. Transmuting Khashoggi into something he was not (James Bond) thus making all of his actions, as reported (supposedly), absurd and therefore impossible leading to...entering stage left...Blofeld ! Which means his wife, seeing as she reported the same line as the 'fake news' (supposedly), was either 'in' on the plot (SPECTRE agent) or shielded from the truth by Khashoggi. Think about it James Bond never discusses these things with his lovers, he's too busy under the sheets ! Phoaw !

To be honest I'm not aware that Saudi Arabia has much of a history on extranational assassinations.