HRC Press Release: Fourth Surgery For Marc Marquez Deemed A Success

Marc Marquez has undergone a successful surgery on his right arm. The operation consisted of removing two screws from the old plate on the back of his arm, cutting the humerus, rotating it by 30 degrees, and inserting a new plate on the front of the humerus to fix the bone in place. Marquez will remain in the US to start his recovery, before returning to Spain.

The press release from the Repsol Honda team appears below:

Successful surgery for Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez has completed surgery on his right humerus at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The medical team have deemed the operation a success as Marquez’s recovery begins.

Lasting three hours, Dr. Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo and his team performed a humeral osteotomy. The surgery was deemed a success without complications by Dr Sanchez Sotelo as Marc Marquez entered the post-operative stage of his treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

Marquez will remain in the US for the coming days to guarantee his immediate post-operative recovery before returning to Spain to continue his treatment plan.

Dr. Sanchez Sotelo
MD PhD, Chair of the Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Mayo Clinic.

"Today we had the opportunity to operate on the right humerus of Mr. Marc Marquez. The procedure was completed in approximately three hours. Despite the complexity of the procedure, the final outcome was satisfactory. Surgery consisted in removing the proximal two screws of the posterior plate previously placed by Dr. Samuel Antuña on December of 2020, followed by a rotational humeral osteotomy. Such procedure involves creating a transverse cut of the humeral bone to rotate the humerus along its long axis. The amount of rotation performed today was approximately 30 degrees of external rotation. The humerus was stabilized in the new position using an anterior plate with multiple screws. Surgery was completed uneventfully. We would like to wish Mr. Marquez a swift recovery and a successful return to his professional career."


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Yes indeed wow! my shoulders are hurting just thinking about it. Can't unsee that crash at Jerez. Ouch!

The physical body causing problems again. 30 degrees is a large tweak of Marc's arm.

This much rotation in an op is not unusual apparently.

My ankle replacement surgery meant they essentially cut off my foot and reattached it with intermediate titanium and polyethylene. I always felt it was about 15 degrees off. Didn't hurt, so I never mentioned it to the Doc. These guys have alignment jigs, CT scans etc. Have to wonder how this happens. With MM, it sounds like with the infections, etc. it rotated as it (eventually) healed. I understand the need for plates (I've had 2), what I don't understand is not removing them after a year. Both times I had it done, the leg felt immensely better the next day.

... crossed fingers (and arms and legs) like Earl Hayden in Valencia '06.

Back to the matter at hand, that is a huge twist to try to manage even when not at the Pinnacle of Motorsport. I wondered why MM's right elbow was always up in the air, and now we know he was managing that. No wonder it was painful and not any fun!