Enea Bastianini Confirmed In Factory Ducati Team For 2023 And 2024

Enea Bastianini has won the battle for the second seat in the factory Ducati Lenovo Team. In a meeting today, the leaders of Ducati Corse's MotoGP project picked the Italian over his Spanish rival, Jorge Martin, for the seat alongside Pecco Bagnaia. Bastianini and Bagnaia will form the factory Ducati team for the next two seasons, through 2024.

Ducati had waited a long time to choose between Gresini Ducati's Bastianini and Pramac Ducati's Jorge Martin. In the end, Bastianini won out with better and more consistent results. Bastianini is currently 6th in the MotoGP championship, with 118 points including three victories and four DNFs, while Martin is 9th, with 87 points, with two podiums and four DNFs. The fact that Bastianini is Italian will only have worked in his favor.

With Bastianini signed, that means nine of the ten factory MotoGP seats have been filled. We are now only awaiting confirmation (or otherwise) of Joan Mir at Repsol Honda to round out that chapter. And with the factory Ducati line up announced, Pramac can now officially confirm their line up for 2023, which is almost certain to be Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco. Alex Marquez will take the seat vacated by Bastianini in Gresini Ducati.

The press release form Ducati Corse appears below:

Enea Bastianini to become Francesco Bagnaia's next teammate in the Ducati Lenovo Team

Ducati Corse is pleased to announce that Enea Bastianini will defend the colours of the Ducati Lenovo Team starting from the next MotoGP World Championship season, alongside the already confirmed Pecco Bagnaia. The 24-year-old rider from Rimini, who has already won three GPs this year in Qatar, Texas and France, has a two-year contract with the Borgo Panigale manufacturer and will wear the colours of the official team after two seasons in the premier class with the Desmosedici GP of the Esponsorama Racing (2021) and Gresini Racing (2022) teams.

Enea Bastianini: "I am thrilled to be able to wear the colours of the official Ducati team starting next year. It was my dream, and now it has come true. In these two years in MotoGP, I have learned and grown a lot, and I believe that I can only improve with the engineers and men of the Ducati Lenovo Team! I want to thank Claudio, Gigi, Paolo and Davide for trusting me and giving me this incredible opportunity. Still, I also want to thank Nadia and the whole Gresini team for the great support I have received from them during this wonderful season together. I will try to close out this 2022 in the best possible way before tackling my new adventure as a factory Ducati rider with total commitment and the right team spirit."

Luigi Dall'Igna (General Manager of Ducati Corse): "We are delighted to have Bastianini in the factory team. Enea is a very talented rider who has matured a lot in these two years with Ducati. He has been able to grow quickly, scoring two podiums in his debut year in MotoGP and then taking three stunning victories this year with Gresini Racing in Qatar, the USA and France. We are convinced that next year, as an official Ducati Lenovo Team rider, he will be able to take another step forward and be among the protagonists in every race. It was not an easy choice. Enea and Jorge Martin are two very fast and young riders, which is precisely why we still wanted to ensure the same material and technical support for both. We are sure they will be able to show all their great talent on track".


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I know he never rode a Ducati but,,,he is a champion.

I don't think Ducati has any idea how good Quartararo is and what will it take to beat him. It might not be an Italian, they should be open to that...

Bagnaia is not it. Nor is another semi-rookie. Granted, he is doing better than Martin. But that's it.

Best bike in the last several years, witg tge worst rider management in the series.

The reason Ducati is not currently leading the riders standing is because Peco has 4 dnf. They were his mistakes. Forgetting the first dnf in Qatar, if we give him 20 points for Le Mans, Catalunya and Sachsenring he leads by 16 points. Better still those results would have dropped Fabio's 4th in Le Mans to 5th costing him 2 points...18 point lead. Both the Le Mans and Sachsenring non finishes were a result of Peco easing off. Catalunya no idea because he was hit by Taka, 2nd or 3rd. So maybe he'd be leading by 14 points instead.

None of that actually happened and we are where we are but in terms of speed Peco has been the fastest rider on track since Jerez. Forget everything about how good Fabio is, he might carry the bike but none of that gets him a single point more than his finishing position dictates. Look at it from a different angle. Peco has not finished 4 races compared to Fabio's 1 yet Peco is only 44 points behind. Peco's season has been a single rider demonstrating, in the extreme, the difference between finishing and not finishing races. Five races into the season, before Jerez Peco was a mere 38 points behind Fabio. Five races later he was 91 points behind despite winning two of those races. Another 5 races on and Peco is now 44 points behind. I'm sure it will not continue and I doubt he'll be champion this year but if it is going to turn around for anyone it will be Fabio. Another race or two like Silverstone and all bets are off.

I think you are assuming a lot . At least one of those races , he was chasing down Fabio. He is not the rider Fabio is, Fabio has graduated into a “supreme alien”. Peco is a good rider, benefitting immensely from the Desmo; all you have to do is look around and see those eight monsters….If and a big if, Yamaha brings a package next year , with a few more ponies and still maintains that scalpel front end…then its lights out….Mark will come back, however I don’t think the same guy…..You can argue race speed on the Yamaha is comparably or even better at times…The issue is FQ needs that power for that one lap chase…..Hopefully the Misano test will give hints….

I think you are assuming a lot . At least one of those races , he was chasing down Fabio. He is not the rider Fabio is, Fabio has graduated into a “supreme alien”. Peco is a good rider, benefitting immensely from the Desmo; all you have to do is look around and see those eight monsters….If and a big if, Yamaha brings a package next year , with a few more ponies and still maintains that scalpel front end…then its lights out….Mark will come back, however I don’t think the same guy…..You can argue race speed on the Yamaha is comparably or even better at times…The issue is FQ needs that power for that one lap chase…..Hopefully the Misano test will give hints….

Bagnaia has won nine of the last nineteen races. If he pulls off a win at the VR46 test track next weekend, that'll give him a 50% win rate. Sure, plus five DNFs, one other podium and various results between fifth and fifteenth. But his recent win rate is phenomenal. Let's see if he can keep it going. 

He never crashed chasing down Fabio this year. Sachsenring he says he decided to ease up and follow. He has made a habit of dropping it when he eases off. Le Mans he was behind Bastianini. Catalunya he was hit by Taka. Qatar he dropped it passing Martin. One place behind them was Fabio.

It isn't assuming, it's pure fantasy. None of it happened, he crashed, end of. The point is that he is fast, usually faster than Fabio. If he was usually slower and never crashed he would still lose. Being usually faster and crashing, if he can stop crashing, he wins. There's always different ways to view it. Peco nearly lost the race in Austria because he chose the soft front, he possibly has an issue with the hard front. Another view is that he chose the wrong tyre and still won.

Lets put it this way, FQ and Peco on equal machinery . I’ll put my money on Fabio….

Impossible to know. Maybe pop them both on a 2019 Honda and they can challenge Lorenzo ? Put them both on a 2020 Yamaha would they both be beaten by Vinales and Franco ? 2021 Suzuki...they beat Mir ? I find it impossible to refine rider from bike. It's like the singer who leaves a band, never the same, rarely better but sometimes so. Bet...yes I'd bet on Fabio, the odds would currently say Fabio but the odds wouldn't reflect a certainty.

Same here, nothing to take from Pecco but my money would be on bFabio.

I thought that Enes comments about Pecco wanting to keep Jack as a team mate because he knows he can beat him backfired, and for a long while there his body language seemed to suggest that it had. Being Italian definitely played into his hands and Ducati are going to make a proper run at the dream that Rossi wasn't up for.

They will miss Jack 100% and there is no way that the garage will stay as acrimonious as it currently is. It certainly won't be Aprilia'esque and Corse can finally reduce some eye strain and instead look down their nose at Jack from the other side of the paddock. As it stands they do it right there in the garage.

As for musical chairs, if HRC sign Mir for two years there is only going to be Yamaha or Gresini for someone like Acosta in 2024. There's no way the kid serves three years in Moto3.. And if you don't have a salary spot open for him when he's ready, frankly, you've dropped the ball big time.

HRC need an option on that second year. Mir at Yam and Acosta at HRC makes most sense imo. 

Rins got 2 years and the other seat is typically for a Japanese rider.. surely you'd make an exception right? HRC are well known for their forward thinking, long-term vision after all.



Taka has been there five years but before that they only had Akiyoshi for one year. Out with idemitsu and in with a huge red bull budget ?

"Little Samurai Jr" - token, everyone turns a blind eye and everybody wins. There's your Marquez successor once Marc packs up and rides whatever is the best package throughout his 30's, on one year deals as leverage.

Did you folks notice last Round Moto2 and Moto3...Japanese riders are really on the gas right now! Ogura deserves the seat. I can't believe I am saying it.

Congrats Ennea. He is the right fit. Passport and all. 

I for one am overtly thankful that our two Aliens are on shit bikes. If Quarty or The Marc were on a Ducati, it would be back to the old days of Rossi crushing the field Sunday after Sunday. 

This is a fantastic era. 

The thing that squeezes my nuggets is KTM tying up the top young riders then crapping on them. That we could do without. Wishing them the best, hoping the new front tire is a boon.

I think Ogura would be a good signing for any team. I've always cheered on the Japanese riders specifically because of the 'they only got the ride because...' There have been and there are some great riders. Spanish riders might have the support of Spanish companies but that's normal.

There's always a narrative and it changes globally with the weather. In one chapter virtually all of the Ducati riders are alienesque but are held back by Ducati rider management and/or Ducati avant-garde engineering and/or newton's first law...delete as applicable. The cameras focus shifts to the bike and regretfully they somehow never even had a rider. Chapter two moves on to the rider who is constantly reminding us of how hard he is trying, every lap, every turn. Doesn't like to blow his own trumpet, is humble and modest. Constantly complains about the bike but accepts it is not good to complain about the bike before yet again complaining about the bike. The lady doth protest too much but maybe it serves a purpose. Chapter three is boring, it's just a team.

Maybe the winds shift tomorrow as they do every day.

How bad must a Honda be before Marc cannot win ? If the Ducati is so good that Marc would produce Rossi 2002 like performances then the Honda of 2019 must have been a very mighty bike but it was apparently an awful bike. If Peco wins 13 races next year and never finishes off the podium I am not sure if that makes the Ducati a great bike or an awful bike. Strange world.

Also, if you had to choose between Martin and Bastianini I think best would be to look at performance. 3 wins, 118 points versus 0 wins and 87 points. Martin is a talent but so it seems is Bastianini. Or...is Martin's Ducati just a bad bike ? Difficult choice, make it simple.

Rossi wasn’t up for?  So when Valentino was there, Gigi was there?  Or did Valentino arrive when Ducati was in shambles?  Stoner’s win rate dropped increasingly every year after 2007.  The twin spar that Rossi and Burgess pushed them to make, still exists.  Gigi was needed.  

The continuous digs at Vale are getting hilarious at this point.

Ducati made the right decision with Beast.  It to me simply came down to wins.  All Enea needs to do, is get more consistent.  He did an incredible job last year and has won race-s this year.  Does he have the same bike and level of support as Martin this year?  I know he did not in 2021.  

Listing Miller is a damn shame.  Jack isn’t winning races but he’s been on the podium plenty.  With HRC and Ducati knowledge he is a prize for KTM.  I like him a lot, his character.  He’s the closest thing to a CEII in the paddock.  I wish him well at the new factory.  

That's a great comparison, BT. The grid always profits from straight talking Colin & Jack types and I hope Jack sticks around for many more years to come.

As for Rossi at Ducati, he brought all of the criticism and "digs" on himself. By the second race in 2007 Rossi begun his psychological assault on Casey. First it was all the bike, not the pilot. Then the downward spiral of performance of the Duc was all Casey, weak minded, we will fix it. Then the moment he swung a leg over it at the Valencia test he said "I think I have made a huge mistake" dead last on the timing sheet with Stoner on top first time out on the RCV. Ducati spent more on development in that first year for Rossi than the previous 4 years combined for Stoner. 

So pushing the technical stuff off to the side for a moment, it just ends up being a case of Rossi's loud mouth biting him in the arse and him having to guzzle down some of that bitter, bitter medicine. That was the theme later in his career as picking a fight with Lorenzo and Marc did him no favours either. He never won another championship after the move, but they all did. 

"Casey was the only one rider who could be fast with the Ducati," Rossi told reporters. "All the other guys that tried have destroyed, not his career but his mind... So congratulations to Casey. But two years ago, I still don't understand why there is this difference between Stoner and the other Ducati riders, and after two years that I ride the Ducati I still don't understand." 

And that's whilst riding the Ducati that he built, with all of Stoner's data in front of him. 

That's why he cops it and why watching him be forced to eat humble pie and go back to Yamaha with his hat in his hand was so satisfying for his rivals and their supporters. 

The fact that Rossi couldn't win on that bike shows how bad the bike was. The fact that Casey could win on that bike shows how special Casey was.

The Ducati when compared to the Yamaha and Honda went backwards from 2007. Maybe earlier. Who knows when the rot set in or even if there was any. It might even be that the Ducati was always a failure but in 2007 the Honda and Yamaha took a big dip on the switch to 800cc. Casey could still win with it regardless of the competition. The best money they ever spent was paying Stoner to ride the bike. In 2010 Casey managed 9 podiums including 3 wins. He also managed 5 non-finishes. Lorenzo finished every race, 9 wins and only finished off the podium twice with two 4th placed finishes. Rossi missed four races but scored more points than Casey. Pedrosa missed 3 races and finished with more points than Casey and Rossi.

The following year on the Honda Casey had 10 wins, 1 non finish (taken out) and every finish on the podium.

Most of the planet thought Rossi would eventually prevail on the Ducati. They'd watched the previous decade. Despite the fall from grace I actually think he deserves some credit for his reaction. He was spot on. 'The bike has problems. I have no idea how Stoner can do it'. That's THE 'goat', as he was back then, admitting that he has no idea and has no chance of producing what a rival could produce. It was a Biaggi, 'I got the bike', 'I got the team', 'I still lost' moment. Egg on the face must arrive and must be cheered but both riders took it.

Keep it up, WaveyD and I'll be forced to use a cake of soap and wash that rationality out of your mouth. 

Congratulations to team Gresini & Nadia Padovani! Their riders are developing and growing into very competitive racers.

R.I.P. Fausto

As I predicted some time ago Ducati chose the Italian over the Spanish candidate.

Jorge Martin is still rather up and down.

Joan Mir is also Spanish and a world champion. Champs want more money No?

J.M. the third, Jack Miller, is leaving Ducati and I don't know why. Maybe because Ciabatti & Tardozzi don't get on with Jack? The old "Can't have an employee who is smarter than the manager" situation.

Yes Iamamotorider Ducati corse human resources management strikes again. "We will sack Casey Stoner and another rider will do the job as well", how did that work out? Zero riders championships for Ducati for 14 years and probably not 2022 either. Will the new Ducati hospitality set-up have a revolving door so the riders can come into and leave the team more efficiently?

That's racing.

^ Mr Reddy! Going to warmly disagree, I would have the 2nd seat get refreshed too, Pecco and Bastianini are my pick. Jack has had his time, crested, and been bested. Just the way of things, which reminds me. I need to prune back my roses so they bloom again.

Hung out w an Aussie today. I have the Triumph 675R getting worked on by a pro finally. Track day coming...Cheers!

"The fact that Bastianini is Italian will only have worked in his favor."

I'd argue that it may have been the principal reason.

Once again, Ducati's decision making process defies sense.  Take Pecco out of the picture, and who has been the most consistent, highest scoring Ducati rider this season?  Is it Bastianini?  Is it Martin?  Is it any of the VR46 riders?

Nope, it's Johann Zarco.  Currently 4th in the Championship.  And his name was never even floated as a possibility.

I wish the Ducati would just come out and openly state the secret that everyone knows - they want the Factory team to be an all-Italian team.  Look at their history since entering the 4-stroke era... if you're not Italian, you will always be the red-headed step-child.  They were even hostile to their only Champion in the 4-stroke era!

I look at all of the Factory teams (except for one team) and think that they're fascinating examples of how to manage people poorly.  The one example that seems to be standing out from the rest (at least in recent time)?  Aprilia.

Zarco has yet to win a Motogp race in ninety-seven starts. In the Motogp era, he holds the record for most podiums without a win. In the Motogp class, Zarco's average points haul per finished race is lower after the summer break than before. Granted only '17, '18, and '21 were analyzed since '19 was a weird year for him changing manufacturers, and '20's summer break was before the season started.

Martin podiumed at his second Motogp race and won his sixth. Bastianini won at his nineteenth Motogp race and has three wins to Martin's one in the Motogp class. Bastianini has also outscored Martin three of the last four seasons (which includes this season). The one season that Martin did outscore Bastianini (2021 - 111 points to 102), he had a more current machine while riding for a second tier team. Whether Ducati management looked at the long-term results or of more recent, I think it's easy to see why they chose the Beast. 

Martin did say that if he wasn't going up to the factory team then he would look at his option or however he worded it. Ducati have timed this quite well.

He's staying put. And, has plateaued - not what we hoped. Fidgety wiggly poorly focused and inconsistent. Mediocre judgement. It is obvious he is third tier but early in trajectory.

1st Tier = Alien (Marc, Quarty)

2nd Tier = Astronaut (handful, back here later, I am busy)

3rd Tier (Great riders, long list, incl Martin)


Unfortunately... And nothing to do with sharing the same infamous-ineffable Carletto Pernat. Don't get me wrong, I love Bestia. He is very talented but he is a hot head and we all know that bestia and pecco will not get along. 

You might argue so what? Jorge and Vale did not get along and look at the epic things they did... But those two were not wild horses

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, wishing Ducati to finally get that bloody title.  But I'm not putting my money on it. 

I know it's for fun but you're no jedi.

I know he's staying at Pramac. I think Ducati may have left the issue open until staying at Pramac was the only real option. As long as they were apparently undecided Martin leaving Ducati would have meant leaving the possibility of getting the factory Ducati ride.

It's his 2nd year and he's done ? Peco didn't even win a race until his 3rd year.

Yeah, the timing is convenient, WaveyD. Or it may just be a coincidence. c:

Not that it matters, but I'd rather see Martin and Mir switch rides. They just seem (from very far away) better fits. But who knows? Maybe Mir will gel with the 2023 RCV.

Spongedaddy - I agree with the points you made.  I would only add this - the 2020 World Champion won the Championship and only had 1 victory the entire season.

Up-and-down performance doesn't win Championships; consistency does.  As David Emmett himself says, you win Championships based on how well you did on your bad days.  Has Zarco cracked the nut on that elusive first victory?  Not yet.  Will he?  I believe he will.  I think that the tumult from his KTM days took some time to wear off, but I believe it's helped him develop a lot of maturity in his racecraft.  He's become much better at bringing points home when things aren't optimal, while Martin still openly admits that he'd rather thrown the bike down the road than finish off the podium.

That being said, I also think that it's better for him (at this point, at least) to stay in a non-factory team.  I think there are a lot of reasons why a person could conclude that the Factory Ducati team is a pretty toxic environment.  I think Zarco needs a much more level-headed management approach with less overall drama and politics (that's just my read of the man).  Better to stay on the team he's on for now.

But still... you can't deny that he is, in fact, fourth in the Championship (1st in the Independent Championship), and the most consistent of all the "other Ducatis".

I respectfully disagree with the many comments I've read here about (Bastianini) getting the seat "only because he's italian".

Ducati is a global brand, they don't care about having two italians in the factory team. If some of you think that this would attract even more italians to buy their bikes, well there's really no need for it because the race to the market here in Italy is already over -- Multistradas are as common as BMW GSs, and Panigales V4 are the king of sportsbike (and I bet that even the adventouring segment will be taken over by the Desert X).

I would argue instead that the only reason why they waited so long was that they really wanted to have a spanish rider in the team, so that nobody would write things like "The fact that Bastianini is Italian will only have worked in his favor" or "they want the Factory team to be an all-Italian team".  Nobody remembers here the trust they put in Nicky Hayden (2009-2013)? or Jorge Lorenzo (and the money they gave to him)?

What Ducati wants is simply to win the friggin championship and guess what, they chose for the next two years rider A who has won 5 races in 2022 and rider B who has won 3. The fact that A and B are both italian is irrilevant.

Miller and his team have figured something out. Over the last three races the Ducati factory team has scored 117 points and won all three with 5 podiums (Bagnaia 75 points and Miller 42). Aprilia factory team has scored 69 points and Yamaha 29 (Quartararo 28 and Morbidelli 1). KTM`s two factory riders combined for 46 points, Suzuki 31, and whatever is left of HRC Honda Repsol had 2 points over the last three races. When you mess with a winning team, there are risks. The remarks that Bastianini (or maybe it was really Carlo Pernat) made about Bagnaia being afraid of him foresee a possible rooster fight in the red hen house...and that could end in some broken huevos.

I agree. Since Sachsenring Jack has definitely found some consistency.

It's a little harsh to use the last three races with Fabio though. One DNF and one long lap race. If we include the three races before, six races total, Peco outscores Fabio by 2 points. Peco, 100. Fabio, 98 and Aleix 70. If we include another 3 races then it's back in Fabio's favour but not by so much. Fabio 156, Peco 133, Aleix 118. Nine races ago was Portugal which Fabio won, Peco 8th but Peco said the bike felt good and he was finding his feeling again. Three non finishes in that time. Even if he only managed 8th in those races he'd have outscored Fabio since round 5. Add in the Ducati problems from rounds 1 to 4 and you get the current gap of 44 points. No matter how the season ends this has been a demonstration of how to lose a championship from both rider and team.