Marc Marquez To Race In Aragon

Marc Marquez is to race at the Aragon round of MotoGP. The Spaniard tested his arm at the Misano test last week, and despite some tiredness in his muscles, is confident he can compete in the race at what is effectively his home round.

The decision is not entirely surprising. The Repsol Honda rider rode a CBR600RR at the Motorland Aragon kart track again on Monday, in a final test of his fitness and his recovery. But it is still an early return to full-time competition.

At the Misano test, Marquez was still uncertain of being able to return as early as Aragon. "Now the plan is just to try to understand these next two or three days," Marquez said after the second day of the Misano test. "See how the reaction of the arm is. Because sometimes after a big effort you have two options: The pain is there and stays there. Or it drops and then… the muscle grows a lot. That’s what we need to understand and go day by day. I think around Sunday, Monday I can decide or I will understand if have some sense to try in Aragon or be patient."

A return to racing is the last part of his physical rehabilitation, he had explained. "To be more fit and more confident and faster, you need to be on the bike," Marquez said. "But it's true that to be on the bike, you need to have a minimum level in your arm. You need to have a minimum force, and it's important… I mean, race distance is race distance and the intensity you ride in a race weekend is not the same as in a test. Here I was able to relax in the box. On a race weekend it’s completely different, but we will see. But the best way to grow the muscles and to get again the confidence is to be on the bike."

The press release from Honda appears below:

Marc Marquez returns to competition at Aragon GP

Having completed a fruitful two-day test in Misano and continued intensive training at home, Marquez and the Repsol Honda Team have set a date for his return: the Aragon Grand Prix.

110 days after he last raced a MotoGP machine at the Italian Grand Prix on May 29, Marc Marquez will return to competition at the Aragon Grand Prix. Since undergoing a successful fourth operation on his right humerus, the eight-time World Champion has followed the strict guidance of his medical team in order to facilitate a full recovery. After numerous check-ups, consultations and tests, all involved are satisfied with the recovery made and the #93 will now take the next step in his rehabilitation – returning to competition.

The objective for the weekend will be to continue improving Marquez’s bike fitness and assessing his performance during the intensity of a Grand Prix weekend and race. Born in Cervera, MotorLand Aragon can truly be considered a home circuit for Marquez and the home fans have always helped buoy his on-track performance.


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I can't recall if I read it here or heard it on the podcast, but didn't Marc say when he returned it was to race full time, and not come back and leave again? And we're headed into a triple header which is possibly the worst time to try it? We obviously don't see how his arm is doing, it could be 100% and it's actually fine to race. But after the disasters of his previous comebacks, you think Honda would force him to sit out one more race. I know Aragon is his stomping ground, but still. It all feels so unnecessary; there won't be a 2023 bike to test at Aragon, it'll just be him fighting the current bastard.

Coming back to race an unforgiving bike at less than full strength may not be the best choice. Unless Honda is going to introduce a new chassis or significant changes to this year’s bike for Marc to “race test” I don’t see it being worth the risk. It’s not like he’s going to win the championship this season and there’s the possibility of another serious injury. Is this racer ego at work?

Training, the speed and risk is also rider controlled. I doubt he will be at full strength and he showed last year he is aware enough to pace himself. As Marc said himself, the best training for riding the bike is riding the bike. The other option is to wait, be more ready, which might mean never being ready.

Especially when you consider that for the Valencia test to have the most value, Marc needs to be fully race fit and up to speed. The only way to get there is to race.

If the bone is healed, it's healed. There's no more reason to wait then, both he and the bike need to get ready for 2023.

I didn't find this news surprising either. Neither would a top five finish on Sunday. Or even a podium. A win might be a Welkom '04 level event, but would it surprise a diehard Motogp fan?

^ Such negativity! I am super happy he's returned. Not surprised. He needs to get fit, and racing does that. Ice baths are coming, he will be sore.

Been suerte Sr Marc! Bienvidos amigo rapido.

P.S. keep in mind his great Aragon record. Last time out, 2nd behind Pecco. Counter clockwise track, check out how aggressive Marc is getting into left hand turns. The honda is pretty stable, less waggling and bucking. We are in for a treat.

Seven passes in the last 3 laps last yr. Pecco has more motor, great drive out, great concentration, and big balls fighting right back. Zero mistakes. Marc really dives on that last attempt, reminding how safe runoff is encouraging such moves. Last lap, understandable. Clean!

Such different bikes and riders. As Italian vs Spanish as we can get. 4 mins highlights.

Even though I'm not his biggest fan, good luck to him, I hope he has a blast and reminds us all what an alien really looks like. The best training for any sport is doing it, and anyone hesitating to do a danger sport lest they get hurt is either done and dusted or shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

I would suggest that Fabio is demonstrating Alien level qualities every time he throws a leg over the M1... Pecco, hard to say, seeing as almost all the Duc riders have a shot at a podium every time they race.

Marc is ready (this time).

Peco has won 6 races, Enea 3.....9 races total. Without Peco and Enea, Ducati would have won 2. Fabio would have 3 more wins taking his total to 6. Suzuki would have a final year win with Rins. Maverick would have 2 wins. KTM would have 2 wins in total including a win for Brad in Qatar. Miller and Bez would have a win each and they would be the only Ducati wins.

That's how much the Ducati is dominating.

Aside from all of the pessimism amongst the Mutterers, there's also some reality mashed in. Probably a few that have spent some serious time training themselves. 

Practice won't make perfect, only perfect practice will make perfect. 

100% healed and observation of recovery times/pain thresholds after cutting his laps the other day would have given them crystal clear insights into how it plays out from here. Twiddling thumbs and bicep curls ain't gunna get it done. He's got a world class team around him. They know what's up. 

He's ready. So are the fans. The RCV isn't though. 

Honestly, some of the posters here remind me of my mom. He's a racer, he's healed and only way to get race fit is to race. He wants to ride because he has the mindset of a champion.

Champions do what it takes to be champions or go down trying. I would love to see him on top of his game again, great for the sport. Here's to showing us how bad the Honda really is.

That Honda - worse or better than the Yammy? Not so sure with the season so far. If FQ wasn't on the Yammy they are nowhere. Perhaps close in performance, the two bikes, but maybe the Honda is less forgiving? Taka demostrates there is potential on a surprising number of occasions. The other Yammy riders can't seem to find the pace. 

Regardless, MM can win on that Honda - Ducati's be damned!

especially liked David's comparison of aluminum vs carbon fibre swingarms..   and interested in seeing which is used at Aragon, especially if MM uses it.  

I am not a fan of MM, but am glad to see his return.   Feel that he has taken Lots of time to heal, has finally gotten back onto his evil ride and put some serious distance on it.  Now to see how the muscles hold up for a full race session.   Hope to see him near top of his game by year's end.


The sport needs him - as he is the big name. Don't expect fireworks at first but hopefully steady progress for the remaining season.