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Motorcycle racing demands stylish apparel, and apparel doesn't come much more stylish than a T-shirt. The Japan T-shirt features the logo on the front, with a specially vectorized version of one of Scott Jones' beautiful photographs on the rear. The photograph comes complete with a Kropotkin Thinks slogan in Kanji, which reads "fast things come from the east," a tribute to the central role that Japan has played in the history of motorcycle racing.

The T-shirts are available in two colors (black and gray) and a selection of sizes. T-shirts are screen-printed, and the quality and durability of both the T-shirts and the printing are excellent. These T-shirts will last you a long time. The price of the T-shirt both reflects the quality of the item and helps to support each T-shirt costs US $29.95, plus shipping and packaging. subscribers get a massive 33% discount on the T-shirt, paying only $19.95 plus shipping and packaging.

Update: This style of shirt is nearly all gone. As of February 2015 we have XL in Gray, two XL shirts in Black, and one XXL in Black. All other color-size combinations are sold out.

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We designed and printed this T-shirt in 2010, before the earthquake and tsunami struck the east of Japan. The "tribute" part of the T-shirt was meant as a tribute for everything that Japan had done for MotoGP, rather than as a fundraising effort to help earthquake relief funds. As a result, none of the proceeds of this T-shirt will go towards Japan. Sorry for the confusion, it was certainly not intentional.