Dani Rivas Handed 2-Race Ban For Silverstone Warm Up Crash

Dani Rivas has been handed a two-race ban for the crash he caused during morning warm up at Silverstone, two weeks ago. The crash happened because Rivas was remonstrating with another rider after the flag had dropped for the end of warm up, and a group of riders were stood still waiting to do a practice start. Rivas was not looking where he was going, and slammed straight into the back of Steven Odendaal, as footage on Youtube shows. Both Rivas and Odendaal were taken to hospital; Odendaal is riding again, Rivas is still injured. 

Rivas will now be forced to miss not only Misano, where he is injured, but also Aragon and Sepang. Below is the FIM press release explaining the decision:

2013 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

Hertz British Grand Prix - Decision of the Race Direction

On 1st September 2013 at the end of the Moto2 class Warm Up session for the Hertz British Grand Prix at Silverstone, there was an accident involving riders number 27 Dani Rivas, 44 Steven Odendaal, 19 Xavier Simeon, and 81 Jordi Torres, with both Rivas and Odendaal requiring medical attention which ruled them out of the race.

The results of a Race Direction investigation showed that rider number 27 Rivas was responsible for causing the crash, which is an infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.

A Race Direction hearing was called, but because Mr Rivas was in hospital receiving medical attention, the first available time for the hearing was at the subsequent Grand Prix in Misano, Italy.

The Race Direction hearing was held on 13 September 2013 with a team representative present and Mr Dani Rivas participating via telephone. The decision of the Race Direction is to impose on rider number 27 Dani Rivas a suspension of two races, being rounds 14 and 15 of the 2013 season, the Gran Premio Iveco de Aragón and the Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

No appeal was lodged.

The decision of the Race Direction is final.

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They really don't seem to care how dangerous he rides, quick slap on the wrist and back at it. It's that happy demeanor that drives me nuts, that "Who, me? :) " attitude. He knows what he's doing and knows he won't get in trouble for it. I keep going back to last year at Qatar with Tom Luthi (sure there are far worse 93 infractions) but this one particularly got me cause he passes Luthi and you don't have to be watching on TV to see that Marquez knew exactly where he was, and instead of keeping the inside line he actually forces Luthi further out! At they ask him about it and he doesn't care at all, "Oh did I run him a little wide there" " :) this is racing, no?" Driving into Wilairot after practice was over, ignoring yellow flags cause hey why not I'm Marc Marquez... and I'm getting way off topic.
OK, sorry, thats all my hate rant for today...
Hope Odendaal and Rivas are OK. Rivas got lucky he didn't hurt anyone else or hurt anyone worse.

If I could, I would rate your comment with a million stars. Despite everybody adoring the ground Marquez walks on, I can't forget all the stuff he's done in the past and the way he (and his team, i.e. Alzamora) handled it. That kid is still in there.

I was at laguna seca and saw Bubba Shoberts career end when he hit Kevin Magee who was doing a burnout, it looked like a plane crash afterwards Lawsons bike was on the ground also as he jumped off and ran to Bubbas aid.

Rivas is VERY lucky!!!