Mission Winnow Ducati MotoGP Team Unveil 2019 Livery

The bike in the photos appears to be a GP18 rather than a GP19. But the launch is all about the sponsors, and the new livery, rather than the bike. The new bike will only be unveiled at the Qatar test, with parts still to be tested at Sepang.

The 2019 Mission Winnow Ducati livery

Bike and riders

The big money, on board camera sponsorship slot

Salad box...



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I just went to their site and I’m even more confused than before. This is a front company right? Haha reminds me of the Ignite Asset Management Ben Spies Ducati! No that was a website!

Wishin this Minnow wasn't fookin ugly, throw it back.
Interesting how black it looks from the rear. All the salad box bits et al are SO unsightly. Looks ok on TV, but these lines/curves/shapes are a crime against motorbike aethetics.

Very considerent of the Ducati team, to add a couple of handles on the front of the fairing.Designed to allow the corner workers easy access when they have to pick the bike up after a crash? 

What would call for a weld shape like the one near the top of the frame (just below the bar end)? Viewing the full-size image linked on SmugMug, it looks almost pretzel shaped.



I never noticed this before on the GP18, but I would not want to get trapped against the ledge on the back of the tank.  That does not look fun in a sudden deceleration situation.

The shape of future things?

Don't know. from what little I know about welding, each weld line is a seam. So edges of pressed or shaped sheet, tubes or other sections go together to form the frame. (cars have a chassis bikes have frames) Where these components come together the weld fuses them into one peice of metal. The Pretzel, btw There is another weld on the other side main spar, that is straight then a big X messy looking weld that looks like three welds on top of each other. Back to the Pretzl, looks like there is a tube going across the frame that butts against the outer skin of the main spar, that is where we see the circular welds. there is some black stuff on the edge of the fairing, three black lines, that obscures some of those circular welds. The straight weld lines show joins where two straight elements come together, sometimes internal braces, baffles, bulkhead type of structures are highlighted by the way they are welded in.

Both cars and motorcycles have a chassis. Both cars and motorcycles can have space frames, monocoque frames or use mechanical components as stressed members supporting subframes to form a chassis to which suspension, brakes, wheels & tyres and steering components are attached to form a rolling chassis

For what it's worth, I use "frame" when speaking solely of the frame (welded ally beams / iron tubes) connecting headstock to swingarm. I use chassis formally to denote all of the running gear except for wheels and suspension (frame, triple clamps, swingarms - though this is optional, linkages, spacers, etc). I will sometimes informally use chassis and frame interchangeably, to mean frame. But I try to be more precise.

Rule of thumb: riders will almost always only tell you they have a new *chassis*, as this keeps everything vague. Journos will say 'rider X has a new chassis' if they know there's an update somewhere, but aren't 100% sure it's only the frame. They will say 'rider X has a new frame' to mean that the frame has definitely been changed.

Those welds are strange. Not only are they decidedly non-pretty, but from the shape they look like they're supporting a tubular cross-member. If they were trying to hide their frame tech you'd think they'd grind the welds flat, so maybe they don't care if the other factories see it, or maybe it's fake just to make the other factories wonder. Curious.

How can Ducati construct such a horrid looking race bike when their road bikes are concidered things of beauty and elegance, always thought Italy was the centre of style and desirabilty, not so, unfortunatetly with this ghastly effort.