Subscriber Exclusive: Photo Gallery Of Ducati's New Aero Devices

Ducati's new, larger aerodynamic wheel covers (photo: Niki Kovacs).

The original wheel covers from Qatar.

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For more background on these changes, see the Jerez 2019 Friday MotoGP round up. 

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Very innovative. And with fairly simple old tech!
After they've holeshat, they manage high speed aero.
Literally, and figuratively w this era - they holeshat via a jump into the championship electronics using theirs for everyone. Then the Michelins shifted bike balance for everyone, and POOF the Duc could turn in. Que Honda hitting two to three HORRIBLE seasons. Followed by the same for Yamaha. Then a salad box to bring more balance. Once at trap speed, Ducati brings in WWI biplane upper fairing aero, then these F wheel and "Swingarm Attachments."
Ugly as sin, but very clever Bologna! The Ducati is looking more and more like Darth Vader (whilst Honda seems the real Empire of course, with their old proprietary electronics, weekend special tires, and rulebook manipulation overdog crap as the dark side). I would love to see you pull off a championship via this and good old hard working riders. That, or even better yet Rins Skywalker on the clean cut conventional Suzuki, guided by the ghost of Schwantz. Victory to the Rebel Alliance!

30 sec video of the new Honda test bike aero