Cormac Shoots Mugello, Part 2: Where Dreams Are Made And Broken

100% raw, unfiltered emotion. Motorcycle racing doesn't get any more real than this

"The position at the start doesn't really matter," Alex Rins said. Makes you wonder what might have happened if he hadn't started 13th,though

Front row photo after Marc Marquez mugged the Ducatis and stole pole from Fabio Quartararo

It would not be their day on Sunday

There is nothing that Pol Espargaro loves more than trying to wrestle a MotoGP bike into submission. That's why he is so fast on the KTM

Not so Tranky Franky - Morbidelli crashed out of the race early on, falling at the last corner

Room with a view: the large farmhouse which looks out over Arrabbiata 1 and the circuit entrance

Rookies always have it tough in MotoGP, but some have it tougher than others. Despite this, Miguel Oliveira has shown signs of promise.

Spectacular doesn't begin to describe it

One of the best corner combinations in the world: Casanova - Savelli, and on to Arrabbiata 1

Jack Miller gets it crossed up up to get it turned in

Best Yamaha rider at the moment? Arguably Fabio Quartararo

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You are absolutely correct. I misread the number on the front of the bike. Caption updated.

Unfortunately I don't think Rins would have finished any higher even if he'd been on pole. He wouldn't have been able to make a break for it. He was just too far down on top speed. Which is a little weird, last year Iannone was at least able to stay with Dovi and MM down the long Aragon back straight, he wasn't getting walked like Rins this year.  Seems like they lost some top speed.

1) The emotion around Petrux Sunday is the stuff of legend. Superstock guy (like a doorman, "just the help around here") invited on stage almost as a fluke off hand joke, and wins in the dry in a fair fight with the very best. Fantastic. I love this guy. Don't we all about now? Even Dovi does! Everyone but Jack.

2) Rins and the Suzuki are my favorite single modern MotoGP story. This is not a particularly compelling or revealing picture, but Sunday was. With a big horsepower deficit he could hang with the very front. After a very tough couple of rounds. Q matters. Getting caught up in traffic and the very real dangers of early laps amongst slower sloppy hungry inconsistent mid pack riders demands it. The statement is patently false. But bold, and backed up by he and a bike that can carve through such a mess. Sometimes.

3) Petrux is quite big. Marc is fit and little. Quartararo and skinny bird legs sits right in the middle.

4) Yellow, coloring the backdrop during the race, realizes something in real time just as Vale does. Retirement at the end of the year breaking the contract in favor of something more pleasant and important than riding this bike now. Or, a very miserable and unfortunate 2020 regretting not doing so. Do you really see it any other way?

5) THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE IN A LONG TIME. Pol is doing the business on this KTM. Like this. Running it ragged. Wrestling a beast. This is no Suzuki, it is full of wrathful petulance. The height of bravery. #44 in Orange? Bloody f**kin hero.

Think it's more the others have found relatively more top speed than Suzukis improvements bought. 


Rins is flattering the bike more than it would outwardly appear.