Cormac Shoots Misano: Seeing A Glimpse Of The Future

A glimpse of the future. Quartararo vs Marquez is becoming a regular staple of MotoGP, and the sport is better for it

Almost pole for PolE. KTM progress is accelerating, so it won't be long now

On the bump stop: brakes get a workout at a couple of places around Misano

If it moves and it shouldn't, duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should ...

It was a long weekend for all of the Ducatis. Andrea Dovizioso came away having limited the damage, but points lost in the championship nonetheless

The two home boys had the worst weekend of the Yamaha riders. Valentino Rossi eventually came out ahead of Franco Morbidelli

Jack Miller rode hard, but ninth was that was possible

On the run into Turn 1

Triumph at Silverstone, disaster at Misano. If Alex Rins wants to challenge for the title, he'll have to stop making mistakes

Miguel Oliveira's upward trajectory was stymied by a shoulder injury picked up at Silverstone

Even the slow guys are fast in MotoGP

The aim for Jorge Lorenzo was to be 30 seconds behind the winner. He is a long way of taking on his teammate

The light in Misano is fantastic

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That last shot of Marquez is worth the years subscription on it's own! 


Zooming in, I was expecting to see a bit of red glow in the shadows at the top of the front disk, but no.

Look at the run of the chain, rear wheel is definitely pulling the engine along.

First class photography!