2020 Ducati Launch Photo Gallery: Up Close With The New Color Scheme

The 2020 Mission Winnow Ducati livery: white and red accents replaced by black

The Audi Sport (Ducati is owned by Audi) stripe and the section under the seat are now black. They were red last year

The bike chosen to display the livery is a late model Ducati GP19, using the second iteration of the aero package homologated last year

Dovizioso's number is now italicized at a rakish angle. He has a new patch on his leathers, the rear slogan changed from Desmo Dovi to Undaunted

Danilo Petrucci's problem, in a nutshell. Note black Mission Winnow logo, which will not be used at all races

The 'fat' tail marks this out as a late 2019 bike - inside the tail is a mass damper

Danilo Petrucci using the larger tank lips to give more grip

The office: Note neutral lever on the right-hand bar, and lack of holeshot device on top clamp

Full rear aero package on display, with spoiler and wheel cover. What will Dall'Igna come up with this year? He wouldn't tell us at the launch

Note bottom of the side winglets, the double wing is visible

The smaller front wheel covers are fitted. These got bigger at the end of the year

Akrapovic brings the noise

Growing tail leaves less space for the exhaust coming from the rear cylinder bank

Slightly different setup on Dovizioso's bike: tail is higher, fork angle is steeper

Petrucci's bike is lower at the rear, squatter, more raked out. Does it mean anything? Hard to tell in show photos

Just visible: the teardrop fork covers




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Aesthetically I find this a mess.  The black is just depressing and the slap-dash mish-mash of sharp edges and tacked-on aero looks to me like something a hypercaffeinated adolescent would draw on an Etch-a-Sketch. I hope it looks better in its natural habitat.

an old Rally Championship Car.... the Audi Quattro.

I think it is commercially quite a missed opportunity to make the bike look like a production bike. But they will be right, because they would have studied about this

What a mishmash of shapes, swoops and bolt ons.  The form of this motorcycle looks like cats fighting in a bag.  Where's that Italian elegance?  

Form is a result of function. Whatever it takes to reduce lap times. And Dovizioso's nickname no longer has a direct connection to the bike. Instead of a label linked to form, he choses a way of being. Undaunted - not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment. Sounds like Buddha's "middle way".

They won't let their road bikes get this ugly. Form over function. The function of their road bikes is largely their form.

Ugliest Ducati since the 999. And the livery is a step in the wrong direction. "Winnow" may have unintended irony, it has me always thinking they didn't and aren't. Mission, or Wishin? Everything attached to the subframe looks like it was made by a kid that just learned how to draw triangles. It has a black diaper that needs to be changed. If that Box Flexes any further there will be salad everywhere.
But technically very interesting of course.

Dovi ditching Desmo is relevant. New #'s too? Unusual for a rider to plain old make a declaration over their bum rather than their name or nickname.

It used to JUST be a last name, right? Then nicknames that might be a shortened version of a long last name. Now a nickname is the usual there. Riders have stuck a one off inspirational message there for a brief time ("All In" Nicky for example).

I like the tidier new #04, glad he is feeling undaunted and believe it is accurate. But it seems weird to waltz around with it if longer than just a single event.

Or, we could do a bunch of them?
Rossi "Sunset"
Rabat "Not Safety Car" "Daunted"
Crutchlow "Ibuprofen"
Vinales "Disappointed"
Morbidelli "F*ckin Fabio!"
Alex Marquez "Other Brother"
Petrucci "XXLarge"
Rins "Snoozy Saturdays"
Pol "Haha Aleix!"
Aleix "Aleixasperated"
Iannone "Look! Distracted"
Binder "Better Than Alex"
Mir "Here I Come"
Oliveira "Dammit Binder!"
Bagnaia "Zzzzz" "Blue Bike?" "Latent"
Zarco "Le Frustration"
Miller "FactoryPlease"
Quartararo "Moto 1.5 Horsies"

Sincerely wishing great things for Ducati. This may be the most complete bike on the grid at Qatar, and end up with that red and white "Help Wanted" sign on the fairing?