Rob Gray's Brno Exodus: Polarity Photo Shoots The Czech Republic

The MotoGP grid might need to get used to this view of Brad Binder

Maverick Viñales looked smooth, but had no speed on the bumpy Brno circuit

Compare and contrast: Fabio Quartararo on corner exit...

And Jack Miller on corner exit, with Ducati's shapeshifter deployed to turn the GP20 into a drag bike

Joe Roberts made an impact in Qatar, disappeared in Jerez, and was back with a vengeance at Brno

Scaphoids are treacherous things. Cal Crutchlow was a shadow of himself at Brno

Empty grandstands. A strange scene at a MotoGP weekend

But the fans came anyway, though what they saw was limited

Again with the squat. There can't be much of that rear spoiler left by the end of the race

Johann Zarco doesn't do things the usual way. He ended Brno with a podium and a Long Lap Penalty

Takaaki Nakagami is doing his best to emulate Marc Marquez. He has been pretty decent so far this year

This would end in tears

Valentino Rossi contemplates his future

Franco Morbidelli bolted at the start, pulled out a lead

... but he had nothing for the South African on the KTM

Why they do it

The press conferences via computer screens remain an oddity. But they make for great photos

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

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It must be christmas. Pretty pictures!!! Love it, thanks

My current random, useless thought is that maybe Ducati spent too much time fussing with the shape shifter and not enough time fussing with the riding characteristics of the rest of the chassis. It's a neat gimmick, but if the bike handles corners like a GP13 it doesn't seem worthwhile.

Anyone notice that Binder does not seem to have this put your elbow down style? Watching him on the weekend he seems a lot more compact even off the side of the machine, and less prone to digging his knee and elbow in. Mind you that was late in the race when he said he had no tyre left.

That photo of Morbidelli is beautiful. What Rob has captured, given the stress they are all under racing/covid/press  etc is a remarkable image of a young guy being content, relaxed , and justifably stoked. 

Thank you Rob and David.

...none of these fans are wearing masks (at least from what I could see in the enlargement.) That seem odd.