Cormac Shoots Austria: Shots From A Roller Coaster Weekend At The Red Bull Ring

By Sunday afternoon, this place would almost be regarded as a crime scene

And this is how hard you have to work through there. Brad Binder wrestles the KTM braking from 300+ km/h leaned over hard left, ready to enter the Turn 3 right hander

Until Sunday afternoon, Andrea Dovizioso's decision to leave Ducati was the big talking point of the weekend. Dovi underlined his position with a win at Spielberg

Joan Mir's big breakthrough came this weekend, getting the podium which had eluded him until now

Franco Morbidelli had the best pace of the Yamahas again, but his weekend ended in disaster

In any other team, we would be saying that Alex Marquez has been making quiet progress this year

Fastest man of the weekend, up until he ran out of medium rears for the restarted race

Iker Lecuona finished a race at last. Starting to live up to his promise

Valentino Rossi would not be smiling as much on Sunday afternoon, after seeing Franco Morbidelli's M1 fly past just ahead of him

There wasn't much left of Johann Zarco's Ducati GP19 after the crash

Hopefully, it'll buff right out

The restarted race saw a gaggle of KTMs at the front and chasing Jack Miller

There were two places where Alex Rins could get past Andrea Dovizioso: Turn 6 and Turn 9. Turn 6 turned out to be a mistake

It would be Desmo Dovi's weekend

Brake problems put a big dent in Fabio Quartararo's title ambitions

Would have made quite a team

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When I was racing I coined what I called "Tiberio's law of inverse damage." It is stated this way, When you get a ride away from the track in the meat wagon, the bike needs a footpeg, and when they are shoveling your bike into the crash truck, you get to walk away. Doesn't always hold, but does often enough, and mostly in this case.

For all the talk of the 'ring being crap for bikes, that first shot, with the "flat in 6th" down-hill left-hand kink looks bloody awesome. It's the sort of run that most motorcylists with a sporting bent live for, even search for.

Yup, it would be FAR safer if it went to the left and resulted in a right-hand kink but that simply doesn't suit the topgraphy which is why the kink is there in the first place.

I remember last year thinking "Yes! That's it!" with the incredible side by side footage of Dovi/Marquez at +300kph through that kink. It was the best footage I've seen in a loooong time, far better than the uniquitous front on shots that capture lots of track but none of the speed or sensation that you get trackside.

I actually don't mind the odd "drag race" track. Should everything be about handling a sweeper? Who doesn't enjoy a monster engine? Monster engine vs sublime handling, shouldn't every manufacturer be looking for the perfect compromise?

There's no downhill in that section, the track is constantly rising after turn 1 - at first only slightly, almost flat, and then ever more, the closer you get to turn 3. Starting at the kink, which is turn 2, it is quite a steep climb up to turn 3! The picture, even if it is a great shot of the scenery, doesn't do the undulation of the track justice - it's quite stunning in real.

The downhill then starts in the straight (which actually isn't straight) between turns 3 and 4...

Anyway, great shots Cormac, thanks!!


The shot of Binder is mind boggling to me. So much going on in that instant you captured.


I can't remember seeing a bike in the shape that Zarco's is there. Is no one going to mention that in picture #11 we can CLEARLY see what has been hidden in the rear section?! Pol wasn't the only one revealing that he was stuck with a soft rear. 

That Binder photo - Bravo!

^ SHEEZUS, everyone look at that CRAZY ARSE picture. Thanks Daniel.

Less sexy centerfold, more perplexing gynecological (sorry friends w/o Y chromosomes, a note of discomfort and I will edit). We want to see these parts, but how is THIS for you?!


Can we start looking forward to predictions for Sat/Sun?

Pol? Rins? Dovi? Miller?  That's an interesting top 4. I see Dovi and Pol up front, Miller and Rins battling for 3rd.

Outside chance Mir, Binder? Are Morbidelli and Zarco fit? How about Oliviera? I think Mir moves backward a bit. Oliviera forward. Morbidelli stays where he was. Zarco comes forward. And Binder is coming FORWARD.



I just can't get past the feeling that Pol will crack. Had it last week before the red flag too, waiting for him to bin it.  I'd be happy to see him get the win he's worked so hard for but he seems to be his own worst enemy. 
Oliveira on the up for sure. Dovi made his point last week, not sure he will repeat the result.

I will stick my neck out and back Jack for the win.

with Pol and Dovi. But it's great not to know for sure this year.

Zarco declared unfit.

I would like to see FabQ there. He sure had an off wknd last go..."Braking troubles?" Looks like a legitimate big deal problem w his front brake. He says he could have been on pace for a top 5.

I can't guess. Moving forward from last wknd, yes. Pointy and business? The Yamaha isn't looking to have enough motor for that here, barring an Aliening. Which would be very welcome.

Rins had a crash in no small part due to having ONE spot on the track where he could get by a V4 and not get repassed on a straight. So he had to dive. Plop. And the Suzuki has LOTS of power over the Yam.

Tired trope the Yam Moto1.5 engine. But it is still there. (Sigh)

Misano was reversed. Could RBR? It'd need a monster runoff at the bottom of the hill (now T1). Or an Imola chicane to slow things up? Maybe that's easier than up at T3 now?

This idea was already discussed with the F1 doubleheader five weeks ago, it was immidiately dismissed as e.g. all the barriers had to be reversed and furthermore it wouldn't be possible to create any  runoff in Turn 1 - which would be the final corner then.