Cormac Shoots Portimão: A Fitting End To An Up And Down Season

Miguel Oliveira's win at Portimão was huge for Portugal. A shame no fans could be there to witness history

Learning the track: cycle round to check the bumps

Walk around to check the surface

2020 has not gone the way Maverick Viñales hoped

Pol Espargaro had hoped to get a win before left KTM. KTM got a win at Portimão, Espargaro didn't

Last dance for Cal Crutchlow

Pecco Bagnaia's race ended when Joan Mir t-boned the Pramac Ducati rider and dislocated his shoulder

Joan Mir's weekend in a nutshell: the newly-crowned champ was battling well down the field until his electronics gave up the ghost

Andrea Dovizioso had one last outing with the Factory Ducati squad, before taking off for a sabbatical

Johann Zarco said he knew it was safe to cross the track despite the white smoke billowing out of his bike. It was not a comforting sight

Shades of Phillip Island at Portimão? A little, perhaps

Franco Morbidelli and Jack Miller are becoming a familiar sight in Parc Ferme

One last outing in blue, before heading to the Petronas Yamaha squad

Made it. Carmelo Ezpeleta and Jorge Viegas accept a round of applause for putting on 14 MotoGP rounds, a feat which few expected was possible

Thanks Cal. A good man steps back

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11th picture - GORGEOUS, and nice caption. Stories well told here. The 10th, it boils my blood. Zarco, look man, I have never criticized you, and lots of folks do saying you aren't considerate of others at times. That when things go shite you are often nearby and it isn't just bad luck. You JUST DON'T DO this riding across the whole track with a popped motor spewing smoke. Ever! You took yourself down a notch, just selfish and for little reason. We notice. Mouvement de connard.


... why there was no penalty for it.  Because it happened NOT to be dropping oil?  So what?  He's not in a position to properly asses whether it was dropping oil or not, and in any case it could have started spraying oil a moment after he looked down.  It seems as if penalties are applied based on the outcome rather than the infraction.  Re-entering the track after you have cleared it due to a smoking engine should be one of the #1 taboos and IMHO should automaticall incur a pit lane start or similar, regardless of whether it dropped oil or not. 

Imagine if it shot its load right as he crossed the track... possibly the fastest corner of the track and the one specifically singled out before the race as having maybe the least safety margin. 

It certainly backs up the many criticisms of race control and their lack of consistency and transparency this year.  I would *really* love to know the basis on which there was no penalty for that.  If it was because there was no crash afterwards it's simply scary...

Thanks Motoshrink I just learned a new word. Agree 100% JZ5 did a bonehead move. No need for that, take it off & away from the track.

At first I thought if he is certain there's no oil leak, no problem. But I agree: even then he should have considered that it's not up to him to decide if the track conditions would be sufficiently safe; and subsequent actions proved that with a delay as a result. He should have avoided all that even if he is correct.  

... there was absolutely no point to it.  It happened right at the end of FP4 so it was too late to swap the engine and have the bike available in time for QP anyway.  The only possible objective was to get himself back to the pits a little quicker, but again, he was not in QP1 so had plenty of time and the scooters whizz riders back in basically time.  It was a senselessly risky thing to do... something he rather excels at. :D

Could we organise some more races this late in the year......the light in these pictures is terrific. Wow.

Why, amidst everyone clapping, were Pecco and Jack staring at the floor in an almost identical pose. Some kind of protest? Please tell...

Oh, and Zarco, what's the French word for COCKWOMBLE? 🤦🏼‍♂️

Pecco: "wassup Jack?"

Jack:"dropped me SIM card thing on Friday, ya know, that tiny pin thing for swapping the sim when you change countries. I'm sure it's around here somewhere."

Pecco: "shit, must be costing a bomb in roaming charges! You sure it was round here?"

Jack: "not entirely mate. Cal's checking out the garages and Vale's doing the grid, but I'd appreciate it if you could help around here."

pecco: "no sweat bro'. Hey, is that it by your toes?"


Pecco "ok, less back brake, but how do you mentally prepare? Can you believe WE are the Factory Team? Pressure."

Jack "Simple. First mate ye have to be growing outchya lucky special face hair, which you might want to go sideburns. Tell the boys to keep icecreams in ya fridge. Then, before every race, meditate on the tarmac like this. Imagine the tires are ice creams, don't make em melt, it is sticky though, you know?"

Pecco "Just be one with the track Jack? Feel it? Oh! Bike turns, side burns. What rhymes with moustache?"

Jack "Yeah mate, a trance. More gas, Jack Ass. Moustache, won't crash. Ommmmmmm...."

...but look again, everyone is looking forward in a PR rehearsed heaven, those two are intentionally dodging the show, but what for..!?