Ducati 2021 MotoGP Launch Photo Gallery: Presenting The Ducati Lenovo Team

Lenovo arrives as title sponsor for Ducati

The long tail

Launch bikes are always from the previous year, but even so, the bulbous tail of the Ducati is clear

Any doubt that this is last year's bike can be removed by zooming in on the frame number

New Brembo brakes, narrow front aero below the wheel axle. Ducati occasionally use a much wider version

Front and rear: 2020 aero looks better in red

Black carbon fiber weave on the inside of the wings is gorgeous

Aruba.it sponsoring the MotoGP team as well as the WorldSBK team

Cockpit details: neutral selection lever on the right hand side (note the date stamped on the bracket). But no thumb brake for Jack Miller

Big thumb brake paddle on the left for Pecco Bagnaia. Missing: the shapeshifter lever. Unless the neutral lever has been moved

Side view


The role which Michele Pirro has played in Ducati's success simply cannot be overstated

Jack Miller

Pecco Bagnaia


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Ducati: ugly GP20 + more ugly = GP21 the uglying continues. Wow. what an awful looking package. From Italians, no less. A shame

is what happens when you don't have a Casey Stoner, and 4 other manufacturers on your butt (or already ahead of you).

I'm happy to see them trying (technologically), though if they imbued a bit more of that Italian passion into their riders things may be different.

Isnt it an ugly bike when it doesnt win races ?

My expectations for wins are low this year btw but at least the wage bill will be a lot lower without Dovi!

Year on year,

Gigi: "yes, like last year, but uglier"

Corse: "like this?"

Gigi: "b U t   U g L I e R..."


Great to see a title sponsor that isn't Philip Morris or a cynical tobacco advertising dodge and the red is a lovely deep tone but it's just covered in dull corporate logos. 1/10: total lack of imagination or creativity, an absolute weapon covered up by corporate vandalism. 

Lol I'm really tickled that flex box buys the salad box slot. I didn't notice that last year.

So is Philip Morris out as a sponsor, or no?

It may be ugly, but it is the most menacing bike on the grid for sure. If MotoGP was a Disney movie, the Ducati would play the role of the evil nemisis to Suzukis beautiful protaganist. 


Ducati "It is important that we bring expectations DOWN this year, 2022 is when we should expect success."

Gigi "I have been trying, the riders aren't."

Ducati "And we don't want scrutiny of our overly technical bulbous performance growths either."

Gigi "I know just the thing...what if they can't even see Pecco's number, and the whole bike screams "look elsewhere!" or "arse" and "Le No No." 

Ducati "Look away, Mission WinNextYr? Brilliant! How about some Darth Vader scary stuff too just in case."

Chunky, clunky fugliness raised to a kind of art. It's so bad & blocky you cannot help but stare.

No thumb rear brake or scooter brake on the left bar. Curious, I couldn't see one on any of the three bikes above? Maybe none of the riders have right ankle problems. Or they will use them on the actual race bikes.

Jack Miller, Joan Mir (1) and Jorge Martin we can't call em J.M. now.

Hidden holeshot device/shapeshifter? Will this be the new supertrick gadget? The rhs thumb lever looks suspicions to me, shifty I'd say. It's the perfect place for the rear squat on acceleration shapeshifter. Press when on the gas, release as you shut the throttle. Maybe they have moved the neutral finder.

Perhaps launch control is also more trick this year? We'll see.

I guess I'll continue to be a contrarian. It looks just fine to me. Looking forward to seeing it in action. After all isn't that what really counts.

if you mean the two horizontal marks in the right side view near the swingarm pivot, they are to mark the baseline pivot height setup. pivot height can be modified for more pro-squat/anti squat at the rear under power.

@Apical Perhaps the case could be made that I work in destructive testing; I club race an old aluminum-framed two-stroke GP bike laugh

Not four months ago I was at an event at Barber Motorsports Park and found a crack in my own frame while doing a top end.  So my annual deep dive into these high res pics took on a newfound scrutiny following my recent experience.

It does look like a crack, but my guess is it's probably some clear tape for frame protection.

Who surmised that with all the wing formations Ducati-more than anyone due to their 'advancements' in the art- had plastered the front tyre to the ground SO well, it's slowing turning and also not letting the new (and maybe also old) Michelin rear work to the optimum? Remember that old arcade game where you whack the frog with the rubber hammer and another two pop back up? I'll get mi Lily pad...

Sheesh...What's with all these beauty remarks??!  It's a prototype machine and design is a by product of functionality.. Take the wings away and maybe it looks more appealing?? Anyway,who gives a toss what it looks like as long as it can win..and we know it can win given the bridesmaid trophies it has acquired with Dovi on board..Cmon Jackieboy, do us proud now! 

...but I like it.

I have always had a soft spot for red and black, and while the salad box is too big, it does make me want to jump on it and try it out. And Mission Willow is gone! Most MM comments express love for the Suzuki's looks, but I find it bland, prefer the sharper Duc.

Far better than the 2020 Pramac, in my not-so-humble opinion.

The main takeaways from the launch, Ducati learned nothing from last year, or the last almost 20 years.

David watches The Expanse, as everyone should.

Glad to see a prominently placed, non-industry title sponsor.  But now I have to hate Lenovo a little bit less. Between them sponsoring Ducati, and HP sponsoring Mercedes AMG F1, it's hard for me to continue buying Dell.  

I may be a different kind of consumer, but if a company sponsors the things I love, I will buy their products.🤷🏾‍♂️