Monster Energy Yamaha Launch - The Photos, With Commentary

Two major changes on the Monster Energy Yamaha bikes this year. 1: the black is blacker

2: no 46

... except if you zoom in closely to the right shoulder...

Red is the new yellow

Fun games, trying to zoom and decipher the meaning of the frame number - YZR M1 B xxxx ?

I'm no aesthete, but that is a nice helmet design

Maverick, meanwhile, rocks more of the same from last year. Nothing wrong with that

Side-on launch shots always have the forks turned at a slight angle, to prevent smart people from figuring out wheelbase & geometry...

Nerdiness: the old Brembo calipers fitted to this bike, the type that was abandoned after Maverick Viñales' spectacular failure at Austria last year

Of note: torque meter on the output shaft, and the thin light-blue pipe which is used to recharge the compressed air reservoir for the pneumatic valves

High speed and low speed compression adjustment on the rear Ohlins shock easily accessible for fast changes

Aluminum swingarm still attached, the preferred option of the factory team from 2020. Expect the exhaust to change for 2021, one of the few ways of tuning power with an engine freeze

Note the scooter brake on the left-hand handlebar

Yamaha's tail light for the rain is one of the most elegant in MotoGP

Circuit background projected against a greenscreen for the presentation left us wondering if this really was meant to be Sepang

Racing tuck

New groom

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I like the guy on Twitter who pointed out that 2012 was a disaster movie! 😆

The most boring and dull colour scheme on the grid. This wouldn't turn my head in a showroom. I cannot think what artistic bent has driven this paint job and don't think I'd even hang around to listen to an explanation. The Rothko of MotoGP.

On the other hand, Mav's looking very sharp, even had his eyebrows done. Bet that hurt.

The "why" on the black w just a dash of blue making some sense, it is a Monster livery first and foremost. This is a lovely motorcycle, but you can't see it. Black is not inherently ugly, Aprilia does it well. The Yamaha has been increasingly hard to look at, AND hard to "see." Wishing it would pop up in throwback Yellow w black speed stripe, so we could check her out with proper appreciation. 

Also, the grid has too much black on it in general. Thank heavens for Herve's Orange offering - gorgeous!

If Monster blacks the Suzuki rather that just chartreuse splashes it, grrr. I will say it, energy drinks are gross piss and BAD. Bad for people generally. Caffeine? Good. Vitamin B Complex? Great. Need a Dopamine boost for some go-juice or treating a deficiency clinically? Smallest bit of Rhodiola root powder in the morning, great. Don't drink these poison crazy makers. And the liveries look shite. Money good? Yes. But it is dirty, and ugly. 


Bread crumbs today with the new Gresini Moto3 livery (get well Fausto!!!). Red and Black mini Aprilia. Think they would choose to go forward with that if they were about to go with Aprilia bikes. Or did I miss something about the colors and their specific relation to Indonesian Racing? 

If anyone needs help getting to sleep, I suggest putting on the video of the team launch. I don't think you could make one less exciting if you actively tried.

Why must we make black the theme again/always/at all? Black is used to hide bad design or cellulite, things not be noticed. I understand Monster's color is black with the clawed M but to take over the entire style of the bike,,,blech! Black looks awesome sitting still but on track it's the least interesting 'color'. It takes away visually. Or at least if you're going to go black, go all the way, go Vantablack and make something with the complete absence of visual interest. Make it a complete void or put some color back into your scheme. There

Yamaha still using the ventilated rear hugger in these pix. Are they still worried about rear tyre temperature? This causes more drag therefore less top speed. Don't they have the "rear tyre cooler"? You know, the one that isn't an aerodynamic element.