Suzuki Ecstar MotoGP 2021 Livery Photos

Very few changes to Suzuki's lucky livery

Then again, why change a winning team?

Joan Mir is running the #1, but as his name, not his number

A stylish way to show off your sponsors

Monster may be bringing money, but the addition of the logo detracts from the Suzuki's clean design

Cooling ducts on the latest Brembo brakes

The end Suzuki hope to be showing to their rivals

Alex Rins has unfinished business after starting last year with an injury

Torque sensor on the output shaft, water pump, and massive Monster logo

Easily the most beautiful exhaust system in MotoGP. Or indeed anywhere

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Ok, chiming in.

1st thought, disappointment the Monster stuff wasn't on side, bigger. It looks the same! I was excited about the livery, AND them finally getting a sponsor.

2nd thought, so glad they didn't screw up the pretty good looking 2020 livery. I can live with it saying Ecstar. 

3rd thought, I really like it. The added Monster lower looks great, no detraction, addition. The ONLY place black goes on any bike besides the lovely Aprilia, bottom fairing. 

4th thought...they aren't going to put two more bikes on the grid for 2022. Dammit!


Note the side view display of the "Jorge" tank extension w wrap around grip. Very narrow, long, and even with some air under it. I bet that feels good (as long as your giblets don't get smashed on the brakes!). I like it. 

2021 Livery winner? Clearly Tech3 KTM! 2nd place Suzuki. 3rd Pramac, because it looks way better than the Red bike. (Should that blue be around the seat though?). No longer referring to Yamaha as Blue, hereforth calling them Blech until they deBlack their lovely fairings. Petronas? Blechqua. 

(So far most of us have been waiting to hear if VR46 was going to run a Yamaha, Suzuki or Ducati in the bought Avintia grid slots. Guess what? I see Valentino doing NONE of these things). Yes, my heart wants them to do the 2nd Suzuki Team. But the head says this: VR46 wants to link their riders to Factory Yamaha, Morbidelli first Marino next. There will be a merger of VR46 into Factory Yamaha. Petronas remains as is, parallel. VR46 is a brand mark/sponsor on the Factory Yams. Money and the Academy pushes riders at the seats. Some of it is promotional rubbish. Vale is a rider coach/consultant. Yamaha, opposite Repsol Honda, is in bed w both Italy and the Asian pipeline/oil money/market. Everyone is happy BESIDES EVERYONE ELSE THAT WANTS THE ADDED BIKES. 

Hope I am wrong, sorry for pessimism. Prepare for underwhelm and disappointment.