Cormac Shoots The Qatar Test: Tech Updates From Up Close

High mass discs and Brembo's latest calipers. Brakes at Losail get HOT, which makes for great photos into T1

Even the brake lever protectors are carbon fiber

No chassis number plate on the frame means this is a prototype 2021 Yamaha chassis. FQ1 on the shock tells you whose bike this is. Note also the pneumatic valve reservoir nipple just above the heel protector

And on the eighth day, God made the Suzuki GSX-RR's exhaust. And He saw that it was good

Ducati's new aero. Downforce? Cornering force? Reduced drag? Flow under the fairing?

Reduced drag would make sense. If engine development is frozen for 2021, the best way to go faster is to reduce drag...

Suzuki's holeshot device is based on the classic motocross system of locking down the front forks. Suzuki is one of only two factories still using a holeshot device at only one end of the bike

2021 prototype frame (note the hole in the frame just above the Monster logo). Yamaha still use a piston steering damper, not a rotary one. Note also the starter motor gear socket and the torque sensor on the output shaft

Ducati continue to work on their wheel covers. Note the small inlet scoop to cool the rear brake, an issue when you cover the entire wheel

Cal Crutchlow was testing a carbon fiber swingarm, similar to the unit used by Franco Morbidelli throughout 2020. This one fitted to a 2021 prototype chassis.

A lot going on on the left handlebar of the Yamaha M1. Levers top to bottom: Scooter brake, clutch, and thumb-operated holeshot device/shapeshifter

The Suzuki is sleek, everywhere. Everything fits beautifully

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interesting that yamaha still have throttle cables coming off the handlebar to a ride by wire under the tank instead of RBW directly off the handlebar.  What are the other manufacturers doing?

Now I kow that motogp has started for real!!!! I've really been missing these photos. Another kind of porn, pretty sexy, Thanksdevil.