Cormac Shoots The Misano Test: Tech Details From The First Test For 2022

Testing - a chance to ride from dawn till dusk

A sure sign of a prototype frame on a Yamaha - left in polished aluminum, and not yet anodized black

Compare and contrast the changes between the 2019 Ducati and the 2021 bike. Above Luca Marini's Desmosedici GP19

By contrast, Pecco Bagnaia's GP21 is different in a number of ways: the tail is different, the rear angled rather than flat; the exhaust straighter, and of course the lower ducts have been added

Dani Pedrosa, back at work as a test rider after a brief moment in the limelight in Austria

After Enea Bastianini's first podium on the previous Sunday, an entire appropriate T-shirt

Ducati's new fairing was one of the more eye-catching items at the test

The Suzuki GSX-RR's sweeping lines are as gorgeous close up as they are at a distance. Even the swingarm spoiler is elegant

The swingarm spoiler seems to be missing from the Ducati GP21 more often than not in the second half of the 2021 season. A sure sign that Gigi Dall'Igna has moved on to the next thing

Introduced in part because of Covid-19, but the use of headphones has greatly improved communication in the Yamaha MotoGP garage as well

The full wet weather set up: fully enclosed carbon discs on the Suzuki GSX-RR. Not the accelerometer under the brake caliper carrier, IR brake temp sensor on top of the caliper

A closer look at the new Ducati fairing: sharper, narrower, steeper

Remy Gardner got a chance to play on the KTM RC16 he will be riding next year...

... as did current KTM Ajo Moto2 and future Tech3 KTM teammate Raul Fernandez

Back to being a test rider for Lorenzo Savadori. His reward? Being sent out on a soaking track

Aprilia were focusing a lot of attention on aerodynamics around the front wheel

One interesting feature: the lip around the edge of the tank on Lorenzo Savadori's bike, to help him keep himself in place

Andrea Dovizioso used the test to adapt better to the Yamaha again, after 8 years on a Ducati

The brains of a Yamaha MotoGP bike is in the tail. Placing the Magneti Marelli ECU in the tail also helps keep it cooler than if you put it under the tank cover, which is where other bikes have them

Honda continues to work on chassis, even for 2021. Here's the frame Pol Espargaro is using - note the bare aluminum

And here's Takaaki Nakagami, with the carbon fiber-reinforced frame

From underneath, you can see the upper part of the new Ducati fairing is quite different: below the top winglet is a triangular duct which isn't on the 2021 bikes

Aprilia's new fairing features modified winglets and a different air intake

A close up of the front aero mudguard, with ducts to cool the brake calipers

Mounted next to the right fork leg, on the upper triple clamp, is the lever for locking the front holeshot device in place

Behind the fork legs is the gold canister which charges Aprilia's automatic rear holeshot device. Press a lever on corner entry, and bike uses the weight transfer of cornering and acceleration to lower the rear of the bike

Nearly the last hurrah for Valentino Rossi

Jorge Martin using the new Ducati fairing, but also not the tail unit: it has grown much slimmer and longer over the years on the Desmosedici

Yamaha are still using the aluminum swingarm on the M1. The vertical weld just in front of the chain adjuster is always a giveaway

This, by contrast, is Aprilia's carbon fiber swinger, complete with protective cover / sponsor sticker showcase

Zoom in on Franco Morbidelli's left handlebar and you can see a clutch lever, a lever for operating the rear ride-height device, and a thumb brake for the rear brake

New bike, old helmet

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(Sticking this here...)

According to Paddock GP the VR46 MotoGP team may have funding from a Turkish tourism company. The longer we wait, the more the Saudi regime seems a bygone. Announcement likely at 2nd Misano.

Pondering that 2021 is a bit of a transition year of interest. No healthy fit Marc, odd but full calendar on limited circuits. Even though the Yamaha bike is not in a strong period, a rider is standing WAY out ahead. The French kid really deserves one. He may be Alien.

The transition part lay in what is arising. The Ducati and Bagnaia have come into full form late this season. He may be in arrival as a top contender for the 2022 title. 

Honda has just birthed a revolution bike. Finally. The odds that is is not a big improvement after teething and bedding in are slim. Marc Marquez is steadily, albeit slowly, returning to fitness. He already surpassed a threshold at which to win a race or battle for it. With more coming. 2021 transition, 2022 arrival.

The Suzuki looks to be making several important fwd steps now into late this year. Stand still half the season. Transition.

Several riders too. A few have bonked their ceiling, but some are transitioning towards blossom. Martin is clearly one, and Red knows it. Did Bastiannini just show his cards teasing a 2022 blossom? While Valentino bows and curtains drop, we look also to the swell of young talent arriving. Gardner in particular looks promising. KTM is back on their heels but showing developmental promise. F tires are a conundrum. Oliveira drifted off line. Transition. 

Behind the Championship contenders there is more in transition. The Aprilia bike is now doing the business. We don't have any backmarker bike. Vinales joined the squad. Aleix is on song. Transition. Morbidelli is in Blue, good old Dovi is back in Aqua...transition. Two new Teams are arriving, bringing Duc #7 and #8. The oldest bikes out there will now be just one yr old. Aero is dialed in. Start devices and shape shifters are here and established. 

I think a next Era is on our hands. 2022 is not a transition year, but an arrival. A new baby. Welcome! I see battles and close racing as a likelihood, joy of joys.


^ Great moto porn Cormac!

Franky Morbidelli's left hand has a bit to do.

Forget the clutch after the start, thumb rear brake seems easy enough to get used to.

But the rear ride height/shapeshifter gizmo could be easier to use. Like the Ducati & Aprilia. Although Jack Miller did forget to push the button at Valencia. Gadjets!