The Paddock Pass Podcast, Episode 3: The Assen Pass, And Sachsenring Predictions

The Paddock Pass Podcast is back after a brief hiatus, this time coming to you from the Sachsenring. On the show are David Emmett, editor of, and two top photographers: Scott Jones of Photo.GP and, and Tony Goldsmith, chief shooter for Asphalt & Rubber

In a little under half an hour, we cover a lot of ground. Of course we talk about the Assen pass, between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, but we also look ahead to the Sachsenring. There's plenty to talk and think about, and the two photogs offer a unique perspective from seeing events up close.

Listen to the podcast here, or download it from Soundcloud. An iTunes and RSS feed is under construction, and should be coming soon.

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That was great, guys. I persevered with at least one of your first two efforts, but was not drawn in. This one was different - great discussion of Assen, with insight from someone who was parked on that final chicane at the time. And a crisp look at events since, with predictions for Sachsenring.

The look ahead was still interesting, even though prior to listening I had seen Qualifying at Sachsenring and read the motomatters round-up afterwards, and knew that the facts on cornering pace had turned out very differently from what had been assumed.

I hope you keep doing these, even though they lose relevance pretty fast when you post them immediately before an event. I suppose you need to have all your contributors in a room together with some free time, and that's easiest immediately ahead of events, but can you imagine how many more plays this would have got if you had posted a version only a day or two after Assen?

Apart from the news on Melandri's departure, I don't think there was anything in here that you could not have known then.

Good luck with the project!