Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 6 - Reviewing Misano, And Answering Listener Questions

The latest edition of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out! In this edition, David Emmett, Neil Morrison and Tony Goldsmith discuss the incident-packed MotoGP race at Misano. We talk pit strategy, good and bad decision making, and the effect of the race on the championship. We also take a look further down the road and try to guess just how pivotal this race will be.

We also got around to answering a few of your questions, which you sent to the Paddock Pass Podcast Twitter account. We are still working on a dedicated website, RSS feed and iTunes, but that should be in place very soon. For the moment, you can download the show from the show's Soundcloud page. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Huge Marquez fan here, but I can't get behind all the chatter online about him pitting earlier than the Yamahas was a stroke of genius. He said himself he was losing ground and his bike was chattering on the straights. He came in because there was nothing to lose. He was fortunate it didn't start raining again.

Rossi and Lorenzo were playing chess. Lorenzo needed to keep an eye on Rossi. Valentino needed to get a big enough gap on Lorenzo so that when he swapped bikes he could mitigate the gap, knowing Lorenzo would be quick again on slicks.

Jorge made the wise decision of coming in before Vale, and probably would have gotten him on the podium. But he felt the pressure of mitigating that gap Rossi formed. So he got impatient and didn't ride his own race. He pushed too hard too early.

Rossi lost the race but won the chess game with Lorenzo, but only because Lorenzo didn't think clearly and put himself in a checkmate position.


I'm so starved for GP news in between races, I refresh this site some much through out the week for updates its sad. This podcast could of been 3 hours. I would of listened to every minute

Great listen , thanks !

I'm sure you'll get a sh*tload more listeners once you have the RSS / iTunes feed fixed so people can easily add it to their subscriptions in their pod-catcher app.

I believe Jensen Beeler, who helps produce the show, will be adding iTunes for the next Podcast, due out after the Aragon round of MotoGP. We know that iTunes and an RSS feed are the most important next steps.

Great... neseccarily evil of apple, but thats what work gives me...

Will the previous podcasts be added to itunes as well?