Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 8 - Silly Season Updates, Motegi Preview, And More Listener Questions

Although neither David Emmett nor Neil Morrison are at Motegi this weekend, that hasn't stopped us putting out another episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast. Recorded after Aragon, we took a brief look ahead to the Japanese Grand Prix, and ran through the various rumors and reshuffling of riders in all three Grand Prix classes. Despite being recorded in advance, we still managed to get just about everything right so far, except for the lack of announcements. And finally, we turn our attention to listener questions, including such items as why there is no safety car in MotoGP, why MotoGP does not have a combined rider/bike minimum weight, and who will adapt to the Michelin and spec electronics best.

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Once again, if you are listening in a sensitive environment, you may wish to skip the last 30 seconds or so, as it contains some very NSFW language. Thankfully, the main podcast is entirely safe for public consumption.

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How do the Michelin compare to Moto2 Dunlop's? Any chance the guys with the most recent Moto2 experience benefit more in the beginning?

Really enjoying these... I'm good with more reader questions at the end! My only criticism is that Neil is a little bit hard to hear. I find myself upping the volume when he's speaking.

is hard to understand as the previous comment mentioned, one octave higher would make a world of a difference.