Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 26 - Pippa Laverty, Life Beside a Rider

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is something rather special. At Jerez, David Emmett spoke to Pippa Laverty, the wife and long-time partner of Aspar Ducati rider Eugene Laverty (and yes, that's Aspar Ducati, not Avintia, as I mistakenly said in the introduction). 

Pippa answers a range of reader questions and gives us a fascinating insight into the life of a rider's partner. She talks about the demands of travel, of the things she does to help Eugene relax during a race weekend, and how she copes with the stress of watching the man she loves doing something so dangerous, and something he so obviously loves. It is a great perspective, and a view which is not often seen by many. It was a wonderful conversation, and Pippa was generous and open in her answers.

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As the interview will end up on page 2 of the website very quickly.

I enjoyed this podcast and have to comment that for a person who describes herself as  non academic and not suited to university Pippa Laverty presents as a very articulate, confident and intelligent interviewee.

Polished, professional, open, funny and human,!thats a great mix.

As they say in my country "yi canny buy it"

That is a very good point. However, I can choose to pin this in place as the top post. I think I may do that on Monday, for people who missed the podcast because of the busy schedule over a GP weekend.

David, you don't own a car - bike only! Respect!

Pippa is clearly a brilliant counter-interviewer. Glad the bikesafe message came across too, track is track, road is road (which is why I love doing track-days).

Nice interview.

Great interview, lovely & pleasant voice (Pippa's that is, David ;)), nice insights, brings yet another angle to the nutters who entertain us while making a job of what we all love :D

"... they're talking about it and making noises like *broem*broem* and all the rest of it whilst they're talking to each other, it drives me mad, it just drives me mad, I'm not gonna lie" *price - less* :D

Really enjoyed this, thanks. How about recording a series of podcasts over the season with other behind-the-scenes figures; mechanics, tyre, suspension, electronic engineers, pit crew, marshals, brolly girls, etc that could be released over the racing-free winter? Will keep us well entertained with no racing to watch. Ta in advance!