Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 44: An Overview Of The 2016 Season

While Steve English, Neil Morrison and David Emmett were in Barcelona to cover the Superprestigio indoor dirt track race, the three Paddock Pass Podcast regulars seized the opportunity to sit down for a look back at the 2016 MotoGP season. Sat in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, we ran through our highs, lows and surprises of 2016.

Through the show, Steve, Neil and David give their opinions on how the 2016 season unfolded. We talk about who surprised us most during the year. We discuss the effect of the rule changes for 2016, including the switch to spec software, as well as the move to Michelin, and who benefited and who lost out. We each gave our favorite races, and wondered at how we ended up with nine different winners. We also discuss who disappointed us most during 2016.

It was a fun episode to record, with a lot of discussion and a lot to talk about, all recorded in a wonderful setting. Enjoy!

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Love these! Thanks so much you 3. Listened through it twice.

"Adjusting thoughts"
Re sound - didn't have any difficulty at all w the ambient noise there like I am sure you did being there - nice atmosphere. Albeit I listen streamed through my phone into blue tooth speakers w/o any equalization adjustability, but for sure the bass is heavy on your podcasts. Not just Neil obviously, Steve too. One idea is just to distance Neil ' s mic from his face and then increase his volume. Same for Steve but half the amount. Easier than bringing the bass down on the mix I bet? This was my 3rd thought.

#2 re British riders - I agree completely w your content re Cal, Bradley and (stretch to Aussies but) Jack. My praise of Cal has been consistent. I have Scotsman's ears I am listening through so I shouldn't, but I hear (just like the treble and mid I miss) a coverage bias towards the English speaking riders in this episode.

Mostly though, Electronics - we have an adjustment underway re the new (old) electronics. Our consideration of it may lean rich re what engineers are doing with the electronics to make them work better. This is good, and also I urge adjustment of our focus towards the non-electronics areas of engineering/development that are re prioritized via the downgraded functionality. Big bang engines, yes. And things like Yamaha needing to change weight higher to load their rear...which will also load the front and make more tires work. Or chassis/swingarm flex changes (stiffer?). Longer bikes. What makes the Suzuki so good is what made the Honda so bad. And Yamaha must adjust something in its DNA just like Honda is.

This is indeed a golden era. Good riddance on the Bstones btw, and high praise to Michelin - the more I look the more I am impressed. They adjusted really well to a very difficult and changing set of dynamics.

Agreed re the KTM project, they look very promising. I predict very good things after a brief ironing out of the expected adjustment period. I see a Suzuki competitor sooner than later. Good lord, can you see a well developed Binder on a well developed KTM shortly? Lovely rider pipeline to rival Honda's.

Cheers mates

"....intermediate hat."

I really did laugh out loud.

You'd better get one David.