Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 72: Talking Jerez With Adam and Tom

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and it features a bumper crop of guests. Regulars Neil Morrison and David Emmett were joined by top French journalist Thomas Baujard of Moto Journal, and MXGP expert Adam Wheeler, who runs the outstanding On Track Off Road website. After the dramatic race at Jerez, they had a lot to talk about.

First up, the guys walk through the dramatic events at Jerez, focusing especially on the three-rider pile up involving Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, and Andrea Dovizioso. We talk about the fall out from that crash, about Marc Marquez' comfortable victory, and how the crash flattered the finishing positions of the remaining riders.

We then turned our attention to discuss the balance of power among the manufacturers in MotoGP. We compare the strength of Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki with the struggles of Yamaha, and where those problems come from. Thomas Baujard, who knows the Tech3 team well, gives his view on why Johann Zarco is managing to outperform Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales in the factory team. We consider how Aprilia have managed to build a bike that handles superbly and is close to being competitive with the best, while suffering disastrous reliability problems.

Finally, we talk to Adam Wheeler, who has deep knowledge of KTM thanks to his experience in MXGP and Supercross, about the progress the Austrian factory has made, and the major announcements they have made this weekend, including the signing of Pol Espargaro and Johann Zarco to the factory team, and Miguel Oliveira to the Tech3 satellite squad. We then wrap the whole show up with our winners and losers.

Enjoy the show!

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I absolutely agree with Thomas Baujard in regard to cruising. It is irresponsible, dangerous, reckless and threatens other riders as well. It should be entirely and immediately banned.

Look at Ianonne, this weekend had a bunch of ridiculously slow laps. 1:56 in FP1, 2:09 and 1:54 in FP2 and 2:06 in FP3. There no reason anyone should be so slow on track and it's even worse on a tighter track like Jerez.


And this was the richest episode so far this year. Thanks!

Dani wants to speak to Mike Webb, gets turned down for a valid reason but Mike Webb shows no sign of wanting to speak to Dani in any circumstance. What person is this one that is supposed to help keep the riders safe? He could have talked to Dani after the Red Bull Rookies race and everything would be better than it is right now, after all it's his job to listen to the riders' complaints. Instead he sends 2 FIM stewards (which fortunately for Mike Webb rotate in every race and therefore makes for a lack of consistency in the approach by race direction) and clearly takes the dust out of his shoulders, showing that he doesn't even care. And why is it ridiculous when you've been thrown off your bike two times in three races, you try to clarify what is a racing incident and what is not while assuming it was a racing incident in order to show everyone but especially younger riders what is okay or dangerous? And how would you feel to get called "ridiculous" when you're trying to make the sport better?

Dani comes from behind yes, but Lorenzo and Dovizioso are way too wide and Dani keeps the right line, therefore being faster than the last two. Lorenzo didn't look (I believe he couldn't see Dani) and went right into it's trajectory making him crash and making himself crash into Dovizioso. The least to blame riders are Dovizioso and Pedrosa honestly.

I always look most forward to the podcast and the round ups. It gives one time to reflect on all the relevant ifs and buts. Thomas Beajard's observations were absolutely a reflection of my own pertaining to the whole podcast. We race on Sunday, buy on Monday still holds water. Acute and accurate apolitical stats sway buyer's opinion and the buyers keep the industrial wheel of a product turning. GP is a massive team sport within its complexity. KTM work as a team, Suzuki are getting there, Aprilia, who knows...sixes and sevens? HRC, TEAM they are. Yamaha and Ducati. Both teams have a massive problem in that it is a tug o war re moving the bike forward. Clearly, in Ducati's case, Dovi's tug works for anyone on a Ducati. Lorenzo's tug is the same as Rossi's back then. Me, me and me. Ditto, Yamaha. Rossi is a huge problem and a huge asset. Vinales is clearly playing second fiddle within that team and Zarco is not distracted, like Dovi, works the tech, the bike, the weather and the weekend on its merits. Gigi has to let Jorge go. Sad but true. Failed investment in a racer. Just as Rossi bailed. Neither Jorge nor Vale brought anything to Ducati except near bancruptcy. They are one dimensional and great riders on a platform specifically built and suited to them. Intention before race. Jorge had a plan with the soft front tire. Blast off and lead and see what happens. He knew full damn well what would happen. The gambler. He got lucky when Cal lost the plot, Rins ditto...things were going great until Marc blitzed him then he got stuck in the pit of his own bloody mindedness...If I can't podium, no one else will and the hell with the team. The TEAM comes first, Ducati team. Without Ducati TEAM, Jorge would not have a breed of bike or sport to complain about. Team orders. Contentious point not! As it is a TEAM sport rather than an ego sport, the TEAM and investors have the right to overule the ego. Mapping 8 don't work. I don't believe too much in that data transfer. TEAM should make it bloody clear face to face post event. 'You screwed up the team in riders and manufacturer aspiration 2018, your contract expires end of 2018, you get out of Dovi's way next race and if not you have no bike for following race, we put Pirro or Stoner on it for fun' Capice!!!