Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 86, The Flyaways Edition: Three Back-to-Back Races

After a long hiatus, the Paddock Pass Podcast is back. With David Emmett and Steve English not only in the same timezone, but also in the same room, we finally got a chance to take a look back at the three rounds in the Pacific region.

Instead of recapping the race, Steve and David give their thoughts on the lessons learned at the races. We debate whether Marc Marquez' 2018 title was a fair reflection of the season, take a look at Valentino Rossi's astonishing race at Sepang, and go over the performance of the Suzukis, the Ducatis, and the Yamahas. We take a look at the steps made by Yamaha in the flyaways, which now look a sign of real progress.

Both Steve and David give their MotoGP monologue: David discusses whether Valentino Rossi can win the championship for Yamaha in 2019, and Steve debates whether Marc Marquez is now the greatest rider of all time. We finish up with our winners and losers.

The sound quality of the podcast is not up to the usual standards, due to an equipment failure, but we hope that doesn't spoil the enjoyment of the show.

Enjoy the show!

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- winners; Marc for the title and wins, Rins for the impressive speed and consistency and Maverick for breaking the duck.

- losers; Dovi for underwhelming results on the best bike - is it 2011 again?, Ianonne for the missed opportunities and Pedrosa for still not making the podium.