Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 119: Buriram MotoGP - The Making Of A Champion

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and in it, Neil Morrison and David Emmett talk about the Buriram MotoGP round in Thailand. There was of course plenty to talk about, most of all, about what Marquez' victory and sixth MotoGP championship mean for the future of the series.

Naturally, Marquez wrapping up the title is the main subject of discussion. Neil and David discuss how he did it, just how determined Marquez was to clinch the title with a win, and whether this is as close to perfection as you can expect to see in a MotoGP season. We also take a deep dive into some of the background, including Neil and Peter McLaren's interview with Takeo Yokoyama, HRC Technical Director, on the development of the RC213V, and a reminder that Marquez had major shoulder surgery at the end of the 2018 season, and was a long way from being fit at the start of the season, a subject which Neil discusses in some depth here on On Track Off Road.

The race was also a battle between Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo. We debate whether this was a glimpse of the future, and what Yamaha has to do to help Quartararo and the other Yamaha riders take on and defeat Marquez. We also talk about how the other Yamaha riders fared, and wonder about Maverick Viñales not finding the pace in the early laps.

Speaking of Yamaha, we also discuss Valentino Rossi. We ask what the decision to switch crew chiefs and replace Silvano Galbusera with David Muñoz from the Sky VR46 team means for Rossi's future. Is this the last roll of the dice? And will we see Rossi back in MotoGP beyond 2020?

We also talk about Ducati, and what they need to do to defeat Marc Marquez, and finish up with our winners and losers for the weekend.

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Love the podcast!!! Was there no Aragon one? 

The logistics post-Aragon (travel schedules and geographical locations) made recording impossible, unfortunately. 

No worries, completely understandable! Thanks for all the time you guys give up after all the races to do the podcast :) Very much appreciated