Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 124: Farewell Jorge Lorenzo, Hello MotoGP Testing

After the last MotoGP test of 2019, David Emmett sat down with Israeli TV commentator and journalist Tammy Gorali to discuss what turned out to be a rather tumultuous test at Jerez.

We kick off our discussion with what turned out to be the biggest story of the test, the news that Marc Marquez was to have surgery on his right shoulder, after having dislocated it a number of times during the 2019 season. We talk about how the news came out, and Tammy works out where Marquez picked up the injury originally.

Next, we talk about the situation around Karel Abraham and the Reale Avintia team. Tammy interviewed Abraham on the Sunday before the test, and he told her how he learned he had been fired and what had happened in the run up to the team terminating his contract. We go over that situation, and what it means for Johann Zarco taking Abraham's place in that team.

Then we go over what the six MotoGP factories were testing at Jerez, what the riders said and what they want from their manufacturers. And we finish off, as ever, with our winners and losers.

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I found Ms Gorali's concentration on the humanist side of MotoGP refreshing. Please include her more often.

Yes, indeed. She is a very astute observer. Edit: "...(discussing) life and what goes on between the ears..." Especially when it comes to our MotoGP world, so cool!

I was almost afraid to make that statement, the notion that a woman would be less technical, more intuitive. Easily could be seeen as sexist, but even David mentions her concentration on things non-technical early in the 'cast. Perhaps this is why she occasionally gets Gigi's ear. It's not all unicorns and rainbows either. She has a hard side, calling out the BS that some riders do. For me the tech is not what makes MotoGP interesting, it's the people. This was a great addition to the usual BS about tire hardness and yamaha vs ducati chassis, etc.

There's no shortage of clever people who want to talk about technical minutae, usual crew included, but the results make it clear the human element has a much bigger effect. These guys are gods, knowing what goes on in their heads and behind the scenes is just as fascinating as staring at Tom's tech treasures.

More please!

Very good episode and a nice way to end 2019.  I especially liked the discussion on Aprilia and how the changes to team communication and structure underway are similar to how Gigi made radical changes to Ducati and their way of communicating when he came in.  

Israelis are some of my favorite people so that was refreshing to hear. Def include her and that French Thomas guy more often. Nothing against the usual crew as you guys are excellent. But it's great to hear from more journalists in the field. Really helps to humanize the stories and prospectives you guys provide.

Do what it takes to have Tammy G join you and Neil M. Her slightly different perspective really adds to your knowledge and makes the "picture" more clear! 

Tammy Gorali is as sharp as finely honed Sleipner steel. Great podcast and thanks David for your and the teams efforts over the years. Now, if KTM can get their steel trellis/beam/oval to turn a little quicker before Losail...mmm. No doubt they have the riders, young and tough enough. Pol Espargaro has been phenomenal. Like Dovi at Ducati, he has dispatched every potential threat (team mate) thrown at him. They very wisely drafted Iker Lecuona in alongside Miguel Oliviera. Yeah, some may be pissed that Miguel did not get the factory slot ahead of Brad Binder but its much of a muchness. No doubt Tech3 WILL get equal kit and support as Red Bull. KTM have to be top 10 and less than 10 seconds behind the winner week in and race out next year or go home. Aprilia...ditto. Yamaha still have the elephant in the room...Valentino. Brilliant for the sport he is, bottleneck for Yamaha he certainly is. Not so dark horse is Suzuki. 2020 rewind 2 decades to Y2K and Kenny JNR 2 strokes and title...lots of 2's. Honda has so much Marc DNA dependency. If he falters bad next year its tickets for them retaining the title. Ducati? Well , they got brute force desmo and the smartest, most canny rider on the grid. Check out the crash stats at GPone Now if Gig....Enough. Enjoy festive season and stay safe.