Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 139: Meet The Team

The COVID-19 outbreak may have put a temporary halt to racing, but it can't stop the Paddock Pass Podcast. With no racing to discuss, we take a different tack this week, as Jensen Beeler, Neil Morrison, Steve English, and David Emmett talk about their background and how they got into racing.

If you ever wanted to know about the voices you hear on the podcast, now is your chance. We also talk about the nuts and bolts of how the media works in MotoGP and WorldSBK, and how the media landscape has evolved over the past ten years or so. And as nearly all of us started not long after the last global financial crisis, we give our thoughts on how we think the COVID-19 crisis will affect racing, the media, and whether now is a good time to get into motorcycle racing journalism.

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Enjoyed connecting with you folks. Thanks! Lots of ground covered.

The "opportunity within crisis" sublime 2008 consideration was an interesting bookend to now. Good shared wisdom. Print to web-based media transformation concurrently. Transforming with the times, well done. Rather alike Ducati showing up with that NASA bike, and tossing their proprietary electronics to Dorna around which the Championship platform was made. Relationships and collaboration, risk tolerance, synergy, and toppling status quo in flow with greater structural change.

David, when describing bouncing between the garages of Casey and Rossi, I am reminded of how distasteful that was for me. Casey could have done well with much better support with intolerance of both media hype AND lactose, for similar reasons. We didn't need him angry off a bike, we needed him centered riding one.

The worst of it for me was actually 2015 to 2016 and indulging the Italian vs Spanish you know who and new you know who shite. Thankfully that was somewhat minimized on this site, but not nearly as much as would be preferable. The echoes of that seemed to have waned approximately when we had the rise of the Gigi Ducati/Davide Suzuki and the run of consecutive fresh race winners in 2017. Too much fantastic racing and "real" journalism was demanding our attention. For me, that marked the end of unfortunately limiting structural dynamics in MotoGP.

The mire of a few HRC and Yamaha Factory bikes being able to win long gone, Dorna having the rulebook well back in hand, and the post-Claiming Rule Teams era underway with flourish. You folks really took your stride then. There was a decentralization of influence in some ways it appears. Dorna holding video rights sprouting Podcasts is another such "forest floor" diversification under their oaks and maples. Interesting Steve, your mention of encouragement to ally with the dinosaurs or look out for yourself. Your adaptive interdependent synergy via relationships? Wonderful route.

Let's all appreciate shout out to Dennis Noyes and family as David notes. What a good guy! Mucho corazon. Great to see your interdependent mentoring. This particular group here might be seen as a sort of a Talent Cup or Academy of journos. And no Puig? Better yet!

It has been, and continues to be, a great ride to join in on for readers.
Cheers mates!
Off to ride a bit with the push button flip plate and "track day everyday" empty tarmac while the getting is good.

(2005 Valencia full race video for folks needing a fix, good view of 250 rail lines vs flat track scrubbing ones. And our 2006 Kid on the scene. Enjoy!)

Just for J.B.

You may fall into my "Hunter/Inventor" neurotype. It comes with gifts as well as the focusing style that can be challenging in conventional settings. I am not neurotypical either. Nor is David Krop I don't think. Gifts are bestowed RIGHT where one gets seen as "Special Ed" in Western cultures.

Some of the progressive psychotherapists are promoting meditation and mindfulness study/practice. Motorcycle racing for me was meditation practice.

While racing I had a track prepped R1 with stock body work on it. It was commuted out into the country to do rural Child And Family Outpatient work. My lunch breaks had full leathers and "circuits" in rural twisties. The local Sheriff's Office took me out to do "welfare checks" on severely mentally ill people. I still do this pro bono now and again. They cover me, I go in and sit with someone to a grounded spot rather than get stretchered or have a conflict with police. And, they would let me have my run of the countryside near Mt Hood in Oregon. Worked with the indigineous First Nation Canadians. Was given the name "First Light After A Storm" for work with their traumatized youth. Hard to get a Factory Seat? Try getting allowed to work with Native 12 yr old girls on a Reservation as a white head doctor for her abuse history from men.

Tibetan Monks visited. I took vows. 1st student of Ani Pema Chodron. Hint for you, we all call her Ani.

Competed the western equivalent of seminary in both the SE Asian and Tibetan traditions. Full time Hospice Dula work for 5 yrs while formally studying.

Anyhoo, please stop in and say hello if this schtuff resonates.

Now, re bikes, bit of torque blended with H.P. in a handling package is delish. Triumph 675R with nice modifications on hand here. Moto2 is easily accessible via that platform. Remove the whole ABS plumbing. Get a pro to set up the Ohlins/Brembo gig. Remove weight. Crash protection. Full exhaust and reprogramming the ECU. Rip it up, you have a Moto2 bike. Handles like a 250, proffers GSXR-750 powerplant until nearing the high end of the revs.

The "Viropocalypse Bike?"
Buell 1125R (Rotax gem)
Well race modified. Custom nasty aesthetics. 0-60mph
in 2.6 seconds. All Semi-gloss black and carbon fibre everything. Mean as heck. An ugly racing tractor. Plus wheelies.

All of this rambling after getting excited about neurodiversity. Cool that nearly a third of people are not put together conventionally in dominant functioning. As kids, the ones identified as talented and gifted plus struggling in conventional classroom settings are some of my favorites to work with. Being right by a University, I always have a few students that are exceptional in some way. Getting them curious about neurodiversity is helpful.

this post and the one below are, in my opinion, are you're best work on this site.

I think that if you are doing something you enjoy, then you are energised by this work (or play). This energy is enabling. The love and interest for the subject gives you almost eternal energy...