Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 144: Coronavirus Update And Restarting MotoGP At Jerez

This week's episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, we take a break from our looks back at seasons past to get back up to date with recent developments. Since Dorna announced that MotoGP is to resume at Jerez on July 19th, with two back-to-back races at the circuit, followed by a WorldSBK round at the track, Neil Morrison, Jensen Beeler, and David Emmett got together to discuss where things stand right now, and what might lie ahead.

We first run through the various measures in the countries we live in - Spain, the US, and The Netherlands - and compare and contrast the different approaches taken by the various governments. We talk about the measures being put in place in different countries, the pace at which restrictions are being lifted, and what that means for racing and training.

We then move on to discuss Dorna's plans to race in Jerez, and the impact it might have on the calendar ahead. We talk about the obstacles faced when trying to organize an event of the scale of a MotoGP race, and how that compares to other sports, as they are resuming around the world. And we talk about the prospect of races without fans, and whether fans would even be willing to attend a MotoGP race, if it were open to the public.

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Thank you very much for keeping these podcasts going. As always I enjoy them and it is nice to hear other peoples experiences and thoughts first hand during this pandemic.

Thank you for keeping us updated and entertained. Paddock Pass Podcast is a gem.

Some of the challenges with social distancing in a close working group reminded me of my job. I maintain helicopters in a small european air force, and we have more or less zero social distancing at work amongst the mechanics. Because, you know, we have very little physical distance. But we have two seperate groups working on the same type of aircraft, removed from each othrt, so hopefully we'll always have at least half of the mechanics ready at all time.

Other than that, our job is much easier. None of the irrelevant officers drop in the workshop, and it's easier to get a hold of the planning guys because they work from home (weirdly).