Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 153: Back At Last!

With the MotoGP paddock assembled once again at Jerez, racing is on the verge of starting again. On Wednesday evening, after the test at Jerez had concluded for all four classes racing this weekend, the Paddock Pass Podcast crew got together to discuss what happened at the test, and what to expect from the resumption of racing. Steve English and Neil Morrison are down in Jerez on commentary duties for the WorldSBK and Moto2 and Moto3 classes respectively, while David Emmett looked on remotely and lived through the entire Zoom remote debrief experience.

We start off with a look at the test, and ask what can be learned from the two sessions of 90 minutes that the MotoGP riders had on the Jerez circuit. We talk about the conditions at Jerez, and how the intense heat will affect the race, with track temperatures likely to be 20°C higher than during a race in May. We ask whether the Yamaha can really be as strong as it looks on paper at Jerez, and how they will fare against Marc Marquez.

We discuss the impact that Michelin's new tire will have on the series, and whether Honda and Ducati are really at a disadvantage. We  go over Ducati's curious history at the Jerez circuit, and what impact that will have on the long run of such a compact championship. And we finish off with a look at the confirmations which came this week, of Pol Espargaro going to the Repsol Honda team, of Alex Marquez being moved to the LCR Honda squad, and Cal Crutchlow being dropped by HRC.

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Jaysus lads the MotoGP is back! Tis a confusing ould game with a few lads making a right mess of things every now and then just it's gonna be good to see some bikes back on track

Is there a known reason why HRC don't give Nakagami a factory bike? It seems weird that they would be so keen to have him that they are dropping Cal, but then don't give him current material to race. Honda are the only factory not giving all of their satellite riders current year bikes.

Looking fkrward to seeing Suzuki as the occassional spoiler. Hoping for more consistency feom them. Hoping this new rear helps with an advantage. If only they can take points off of MM93

also hoping Jack can stay at the sharp end with frequency suggested on the podcast  thanks for all the entertainmemt and insight  

amd i wish i could say 'Foook' as cooly as Steve


With you re the Zooks.

Rins said they found something on the bike to make more of the Q laps. And that he has focused there. Also that the bike is better than last yr. It is hard to see a single weakness on that thing. Honda and Ducati can walk away on big straights, but it wasn't such a big gap last yr. May well be closer now even at more open tracks. The Duc isn't sorted yet, and is not strong here. Mir looks GREAT. To be clear, the Honda is worse than last yr's bike due to the new sticky rear tire. I exoect good things right now from Suzuki and Yamaha!

If Rins won Sunday, we could say it was foreseeable although not most likely. I have him as a solid podium contender. GREAT bike. Give us a 24 deep grid and satellite team already!


Marquez in FP raceline toodling. Smith crashing in front of him. Then perhaps some self made pressure? Tail bit of Q2, front row yearnings, understandable error then Jack's bike in his excursion path. That was a bad big careening tumble! Limbs out like X, big whack on that shoulder. Bike binned for spares.

Zarco lost all steam, tip toeing. The Aprilia decided to take the day off.


But...oh my were there a few gems?!