Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 160: Steve And Gordo Discuss Aragon WorldSBK

In the middle of the first of two double headers for the WorldSBK series at the Motorland Aragon, Steve English and Gordon Ritchie sit down to talk about what a double header at the same track looks like. Steve and Gordo kick off with a few words on what to expect, and whether using the alternative layouts which Aragon has would have spiced things up a bit.

They cover a fair amount of ground in the podcast: they take a look at Ducati, and what Scott Redding's win in race 1 means for the championship, how the Ducati fares at the Aragon circuit, and whether anyone has an advantage at the track. They debate the signing of Tom Sykes to partner Michael van der Mark at BMW, and the knock-on effect that will have on the WorldSBK rider market. And there is a discussion of who gets to take the Honda WorldSBK ride, whether Leon Haslam stays or Cal Crutchlow will take the offer of a ride in WorldSBK if there is no room in MotoGP.

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Coo-eee! and G'day MotoShrink & St Stephen. How the bloody hell are yiz?

Teruel SBK just starting fp1. Slightly later than the advertised program time. Hope everybody is ok.

We will be back to 100 comments per piece of prose next weekend compadres.

You guys are rather taciturn this week, I'm sure you will turn that around in the not-too-distant future.

I am still curious as to any penalty for Sykes' off-track excursion in the 10 lap race last week, haven't seen anything. As I recall Steve English was saying (paraphrasing here) in live commentary "something bad is about to happen!!" as he was about to re-enter the track.

Nasty for Tati Mercado. Watched the race but didn't remember that moment, I may have blinked & missed it.

So I watched it again. Lap one & Tom Sykes is about 11th. Goes wide rather early in the approach to turn 8, runs across some sealed run off, skims over the gravel patch that doesn't slow the bike & rider much, rides over another sealed area & doesn't seem to reduce speed much. Sykes gets out of shape in the gravel & does well to stay on the bike. Tom re-enters the race track, tight on the left. But Mercado has not much room, tries to squeeze through & bang. Leandro "Tati" Mercado goes down and out of that race. Out of race 2 and out of this weekend's action. Tom Sykes continues on his merry way.

Get well soon Tati Mercado.

Race direction are you wearing the correct spectacles?

Live it is about 16 minutes in then there is a replay at about 18m20s or so.

Welcome Matteo Ferrari, MotoE champion! Lets see what Matteo can do on the Ducati.