Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 185: MotoGP Without Marquez, WorldSBK Without Rea

2020 was a strange year in MotoGP: without Marc Marquez, the championship was suddenly wide open. This prompted a debate among the Paddock Pass Podcast crew: what will MotoGP and WorldSBK look like without the two riders who have dominated the championship over the past few seasons?

In this episode, Steve English, Adam Wheeler, Neil Morrison, and David Emmett ponder this point. Was 2020 a representative season in MotoGP? What caused so many different winners and podium sitters in MotoGP? Was Marc Marquez' crash inevitable? And will he win another championship? Will another rider emerge to dominate like Marquez has, or will there be more different winners over a season, with consistency being more important.

The crew also turn their attention to the World Superbike championship, and consider a future without the six-time champion. Will Ducati rule the roost once again with Jonathan Rea gone? Will Honda take over, with Alvaro Bautista? Will BMW or Yamaha take control?

Neil Morrison adds a little bit of historical perspective, looking at what happened in the past when dominant riders disappeared. Adam Wheeler compares MotoGP to MXGP, and how Tony Cairoli has reigned over the sport, winning sympathy when he came back from injury. The crew discuss the role of ambition and drive in how riders dominate. And we have a special guest appearance from World Superbike and British Superbike champion Neil Hodgson, who gives us his thoughts on the future of the two championships without their dominant riders.

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves or extrapolate too far from 2020.

Rea and The Marc are here to stay a bit. Sometimes we have an overdog on a solid bike. Then we don't. Then we do. 

(They are getting caught! And it is GOOD)


but Adam Wheeler describing Sete Gibernau as 'not exactly a premium rival' to Rossi? He says some strange things, that one certainly being one of them. In the pomp of VR46 he was, without question 'a premium rival' Welcome the differing opinions though...

Full full factory team Vs privateer - in those days the result was a given , that Sete pushed him at all is a great credit to him , especially after the 'Jerez' incident that damaged Sete's shoulder for the rest of the season .

These fine motorcycle racing pundits don't know who will win the 2021 MotoGp rider's title. Nor do I. Many riders can win races. V.R.46 can win a race this year.

Who do I think can win? Most of the field ! Brad Binder, Fab Quarteraro, Franky M, Jack, Maverick, Miguel O, M1R, Pecco, Petrucci, Pol, Rins, Taka, V.R.46 and The Marc.

Enea Bastianini could win a race or two. We saw rookies win in 2020, anything is possible.

Marc Marquez will be racing sometime this year.

Jonathan Rea isn't going anywhere else. Interesting to speculate. WSBK might be better if Jonathan wasn't winning so much. But.. 2019 Jonny's resistance, grit and determination was so very impressive. Coming back at Imola and applying the pressure so well at Jerez was a champion's performance. In the end JR1 broke back. I don't think Alvaro Bautista will ever beat Rea for the championship.

Sete Gibernau was a favorite of mine. Gibernau was fast! But never a world champion. I was impressed by Sete's speed when he took pole at Phillip island! On a four stroke. Gibber also was quick on a 500! He only won 1 race on the 500 and took pole once. 8 wins, 5 fastest laps and 12 pole positions in MotoGp. V.R.46 had to hit Sete in the final corner at Jerez to win that race! 2004 if I recall correctly. Premium rival IMHO. Valentino knew Gibernau was capable of taking points from his total, at the time. That is why V.R.46 put the pressure on Sete.

Right you are Funsize! It was Pole at P.I. in 2004. My young son and I were there. Jerez MotoGp 2005 I watched on tele at my sister's place in Brisbane. Sete was the berm.

Let's see what does happen this year. It will be awesome.

It was 2005 Apical when Vale and Sete clashed, I was there, when we left the circuit there were one or two in that very patriotic part of Spain burning Rossi shirts. Vale knew he was the threat at that time, also on the satellite bike..

Adam's comment also jarred with me. Moneyed, multi lingual, urbane, handsome, and super, super fast, Sete was premium in every respect. Why else would Rossi bother with him? He was brave too, remember his coming together with Capirossi in Barcelona in 2006?