Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 222: Summer Break - Silly Season Speculation, And More

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett gather to cover some of the topics coming up over the summer break. We start off on a tangent, discussing soccer and what it means to be a fan again, and our plans for the summer, before moving on to talk about the calendar for the second half of the MotoGP season, and how a rise in Covid-19 infections might affect it.

Then we dive into the burgeoning Silly Season. We talk about who will take the seats expected to open up at Petronas Yamaha for next year, and what the team's options are. We discuss Raul Fernandez' imminent promotion to MotoGP, and what it means for KTM and their pool of talent. And we talk wildcards and replacement riders, with Cal Crutchlow set to take the place of Franco Morbidelli for the next three races, and Andrea Dovizioso and Dani Pedrosa possibly making wildcard appearances for Aprilia and KTM respectively.

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... talking about soccer (football, if you prefer). All very well if it wasn't just a game best suited to pre-pubescent teenage girls.

Kidding. But not much ... devil

Thanks for the entertainment, gentlemen.


Guys... I have zero interest in soccer (and extremely limited interest in any other forms of football).  I expect there are literally thousands of podcasts droning on about that topic, so why pollute one of the very few top resources talking about motogp with it?  You EVENTUALLY segued somewhat into speaking about sports people and fans in general, and how it relates to Motogp fandom, which became somewhat interesting.  Given we are in the midseason break, talking about tangential topics is probably on the cards but the first ten or more minutes I was yelling at my car stereo to stop crapping on about a game I go to great lengths to avoid.

I am a long-term subscriber of MM, I also voluntarily contribute as a patreon to both MM and PPP.  I do those things purely to support the people who support my non-mainstream interest in Motogp.  I am not here for mainstream sport discussion.  I am cancelling my PPP patreonism for a couple of months as a faintly ridiculous form of protest.

On a more constructive criticism re PPP - I love that there is now a separate show later in the week dedicated to Moto2 and 3.  But sometimes the main show veers off and talks about M2/3 topics/riders/controversies etc.  This is possibly a hangover from when the show attempted to cover all classes in the single ~1-hr slot.  I think the main show would benefit from limiting discussions to Motogp class only, maybe mention hot topics from M2/3 but make it just a short plug to catch the other show later in the week.  There is so much happeneing in the main class that it can easily fill the 1hr slot with all the winners/losers and topics of conversation just from MotoGP.

Just my $0.02 - or in the case of my 2month PPP soccer protest, $9.  :P

I feel you are being a harsh on the team. I appreciate that the Motogp teams are on summer break and there is no hard news at the moment - perhaps it would have been better to cancel the podcast this week - but then you get some supporters complaining about not getting good VFM. So they cant win either way.

As to keeping the discussion about Motogp/2/3 in well-defined boxes - its really difficult if you are talking about rides in Motogp for 2022 and the candidates are coming from Moto2 - there will be some crossover. 

I like having several podcasts - I am fascinated by Moto3 this year with Acosta - so I am glad that series is getting more attention. 

I am going to keep subscribing to the channel - its great to have grown up analysis and not be subjected to fan boys and content littered with clickbait advertising as you get on other sites. I dont mind discussions about racism in sport, energy drinks, the lack of women riders or where the money comes from - politics is intertwined with sport.



... because I had to listen to quarter of an hour of rubbish about soccer.  :)

In defence of David, at least it was he who had the decency to rubbish the game and steer the conversation back to MotoGP - comparing some of the partisan antics of MotoGP fans with those of the soccer thugs.  :D

I listened to the second half on the way home, the latter bit was a very enjoyable episode and there was clearly plenty to talk about.  No need to spend quarter of the show talking about an unrelated sport which has blanket coverage and analysis elsewhere.

Just my opinion, it matters little and others will disagree and that's fine.  I'll resume my support again in September assuming they stick to motorcycle racing.

As an Englishman, I supported my team though I have very little interest in the game much prefering motorbikes. I have to agree with comments about the quality of the individuals playing the game and their views on racism in the sport which were vindicated in the events directly after the game. Its all gone very flat here with the loss and how the politicians hijacked the event. Writing this on a Thursday, you wouldnt believe a week ago the mood of the nation.

Anyway - back to the bikes. Am enjoying WSBK with a challenger to Rea and BSB too with a 19 year old Rory Skinner leading a race on a Kawasaki. Interesting times.


Have to wonder if the complaints are more about your sympathy for the players than that you actually mentioned the football .


Great chat, fellas. Thank you.

Interesting comments about Pedrosa losing his race speed. Apparently, the last few percent comes from being in the circus and living the life of a motogp racer. It starts at the onset of the winter tests and builds from there from one race weekend to the next, experiencing the highs and lows during the races and in-between. Combine that with the intention and motivation to improve and beat one's competitors next time out on the track. Is there anyone else besides Stoner that can jump on a motogp bike after a lengthy sabbatical and clock one of the fastest times for a particular day? And is that even beneficial for a test team?

He'd been asking for his WSB team to come over to MotoGP because he knew that they were the last piece of the puzzle that could give him wins - Ducati said yes after he gave them another WSB title, and with the right people in the box he showed what he could really do. Shame he didn't get a whole season with them, he'd have been the first WSB/MotoGP champion.

Seems like the engineers, particularly Ducati's, are confused by Stoner.  He gives them feedback on how the bike could be better, yet he's still running fast laptimes.

Makes sense if he has lost some edge being away from racing.

You can lift much harder against resistance.

Stoner is a beautiful anomaly.


edited for beauty

Occasional football or cycling talk is OK by me, especially when moto season's on pause and big things are happening in those other arenas. A one-sport world would be a bore.



My formula one racing knowledge is very limited, am hoping others here at MM can explain:

We've discussed at length the issue of motogp riders exceeding track limits, even by just a millimeter or two. While on the treadmill this a.m. the British F1 race was on. These guys in their cars were all over the green! Whole tires, particularly on corner exit. 

Why is it such a big deal with the bikes but not the cars?  Thanks in advance.

One of the functions of track limits is to slow the bikes down, because of their ever-increasing levels of performance.

They typically only police track limits for corners where exceeding them will give a significant advantage. As long as a tiny bit of your tyre is not on the green you won't be penalized. 

It is always a big deal, but some tracks are worse than others. I think a couple if drivers got warnings during the race that they were up to 3 indiscretions and they would get a time penalty if they did it again.

The rule used to be that you weren't exceeding track limits if some part of the inside tyres remained inside the white line. That was many many moons ago, no idea anymore.


But I guess that's mainstream cars and we're minority bikes. I normally go away for a few GP's but this year I've taken the chance to go to Silverstone as it'll be my only one. I bought tickets for Becketts, 3 days for £120 each, not bad, even when they add on the rip off £40 parking for cars (no I'm not buying it, got somewhere else to park). But for the same seat at F1 it was £385- and you can go way higher than that!! Even more incredible, it sells out sharpish! There very little 'racing' to see and if you get the tyre strategy right you're the winner. I'm glad a Brit won the Brit GP but the speed difference between him and Leclerc was ridiculous. I'm sorry but I can only conclude it's a triumph of overhyped style over substance, somewhere to go to be seen. Tom Cruise was there, as he was at Wimbledon and how he'll probably be at Ascot or Cheltenham horse races. If that's 'mainstream' then I'm glad we're not it..

If that's 'mainstream' then I'm glad we're not it..

Amen, brother. F-1 is a bad and hideously expensive joke. Look at the Hamilton-Verstappen thing last weekend ... whatever happened to the concept that the overtaking driver/rider had the responsibility to do it cleanly?


...but despite the expense and the contrived nature of F1, it's still lapped up? Snake Oil I reckon, I'm a salesman and if someone can shout long enough and loud enough to persuade folk that pig's ear really is a silk purse then good for them...🤗

Summer Break announcements aren't coming. Not even breathing hard. 

Only one was that Aqua would not make any until weeks into the 2nd half of the season. An announcement that there would be none.