Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 238: Misano MotoGP - Discussing Bagnaia's Win And The Merits Of MotoE Innovation,

The Paddock Pass Podcast crew take a look back at a fascinating Misano round of MotoGP in the latest episode. Steve English, Adam Wheeler, Neil Morrison, and David Emmett run through the highlights of the first round to take place at the Italian circuit. We kick off the show with a debate on the state of the MotoE class, with Adam making an impassioned plea for innovation, which the rest of the crew shoot down.

We talk Bagnaia's remarkable win, Marc Marquez' fourth place at a circuit which goes the wrong way, how Fabio Quartararo is one step closer to the title, and whether 21 races in 2022 are too much of a good thing. And we wrap up the show with our winners and losers.

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Thanks for an informative podcast. I don't care about desserts, but I do appreciate the additional insight that I get by listening.

David, you stated, roughly, that Dorna earns 5-10 million euro per race. As I have posted before, the financial side of motogp interests me--rider salaries, cost of running a team, etc. You have even complained this week about the "passion pay discount" that those who love to work in the paddock endure.

Why no reporting on motogp finances and economics? It seems you have the knowledge--perhaps the 20+ members of the MotoMatters Marketing Department have calculated that we are not interested?     wink

Pecco Says:

He worked from late 2019 through 2020 on something specific in his riding. The last part of braking into the corner, focus on the F tire, and an interesting method.

He focused on the data from Jorge. The F end into corners...he took a Panigale at Misano on Michelin Endurance tires, fairly similar to MotoGP, and chipped away at a riding style to get ahead at the very end of braking into apex. Managing the grip, he used riding style methodically to get the bike more balanced fore-aft and railing through. He says he got it down and has it in hand now. 

The new Red riding style is here now, and it is all Bagnaia. Martin has something similar rather naturally. 

2022? We have Bagnaia/(Martin?), Quartararo, likely Marquez at front. Mir may have enough motor to arrive in their draft. KTM and Brad are a question mark, hoping they take that step to catch Mir reeling them in. 

Pecco and Red have arrived.

Don't steal my 1,2,3 but do note how early it can be called.