Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 250: Drama And Dismay In Moto3 At Portimão, Ducati Triumph, Yamaha Struggle In MotoGP

As the Paddock Pass Podcast passes the milestone of 250 episodes, Adam Wheeler, Neil Morrison, and David Emmett gather to discuss what happened at the Algarve Grand Prix in Portimão. With Pecco Bagnaia's outstanding performance turning the MotoGP race into an uneventful affair, we start the show off with a look at the dramatic end of the Moto3 race. We discuss Darryn Binder's move on Sergio Garcia, which took out Dennis Foggia and handed Pedro Acosta the Moto3 title, and whether it was a simple mistake or worthy of a far greater penalty than just disqualification. We also consider Pedro Acosta's Moto3 title, and what winning the championship in his rookie year means for the future.

Then we turn our attention to MotoGP. We discuss whether the Yamaha is a one-rider bike, with Fabio Quartararo the only person capable of winning on the bike, or whether it was a wider failure of the riders. We look at Pecco Bagnaia's flawless weekend, and discuss Ducati's dominance in MotoGP now they have wrapped up the constructor's championship. And we discuss Dorna's latest innovation, the shouldercam, a small camera embedded on the shoulder of Alex Rins' leathers, and what we thought of it and what it means for the future.

We finish up with our winners and losers, but not before a brief discussion of Marc Marquez and the mystery of his absence at Portimão, though the show was recorded before the press release announcing that Marquez had suffered problems with his vision was published this morning.

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Our last battle? Rookie of the year. Bastiannini ahead of Martin by 3 points.

What do you think? Giving it in spirit to Martin, having missed so many races and such struggle to fitness.

But Bastiannini has risen to such height and promise on the old 2019 leased bike! Commendable.

I think Martin gets it, but not easy to call. 4 points? Praising both, best luck to them. And next year to a healthy Martin, and a Basti on the not too shabby well sorted 2021 bike. He obviously deserves the top Bonesaw seat!

Rookie of the year for the whole circus? Acosta hands down.


Ducati has a robust stable AND top bike, in a V4 favored era. The crystal ball is all gas.