Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 255: WorldSBK Review - The Crew Look Back At A Banner Year in World Superbikes

This week's episode is something of a crossover, and one of epic proportions. In this show, brought to you by Fly Racing and Renthal Street, part of the MotoGP side of the Paddock Pass Podcast crew joined the WorldSBK regulars to take a look back at the outstanding 2021 WorldSBK season, bring a fresh perspective, and ask the questions they genuinely wanted to know. Neil Morrison and David Emmett join Steve English and Gordon Ritchie to take a long, hard look at the year in Superbikes.

After a quick recap of The Saga of David's Hat, the group turn their attention to the World Superbike season. They ask what the difference was this year for Toprak Razgatlioglu and Jonathan Rea, and how the Pata Yamaha rider managed to come out on top. They discuss the hard and intense battles which took place all year long between Razgatlioglu, Rea, and Scott Redding, and what that means for the series. They look at where Razgatlioglu had the advantage, and how the revs Kawasaki had taken away affected the outcome of the season.

They talk about the tracks which WorldSBK go to which gave it a real separate identity this year, and what that means for the future. They ask whether there is a changing of the guard in WorldSBK, and whether World Supersport or Moto2 is the new breeding ground for talent in WorldSBK. They discuss this year's crop of rookies, and ask whether BMW and Honda can make a step forward for next year. Steve and Gordo answer a few reader questions - including whether WorldSBK will return to Imola, and whether Kawasaki will get more revs for the 2022 season - as well as questions from Neil and David, including whether Toprak Razgatlioglu really will go to MotoGP.

Finally, the crew wrap it up with what we are looking forward to in 2022 and beyond.

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This was great fellas. Listened in the shed whilst prepping my bike for a club race this weekend. Lovely time. 

Look here Sunday morning, because it is RACE DAY.

We have full excellent coverage of a REALLY good race to watch. Not everyone paid for Motogp dot com access. And even if you do, why not join in on a good Wintertainment race together with MotoMatters folks? Take notes and share observations. Toss some contentious perspectives around and get contrary views. Fly your fan flag and appreciate your favorites in action. Sit down and enjoy with us!

My personal soft spot for MotoGP re-watch has been 2017 and 2018. There was a new track introduced in there somewhere. The first Round at this track? Hard fought close battles all over the order. (Huge hints here obviously) - hot dry conditions, sizzling racing.

See you here Sunday!?


(And thanks for the podcast MMTRS Crew! Listening Friday)