Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 257: Fabio Quaratararo Interview And Season Review

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is a close look at the 2021 MotoGP world champion Fabio Quartararo. Adam Wheeler sits down for an interview with the Frenchman, and Neil Morrison, Steve English, and David Emmett discuss the interview with Adam and review Quartararo's season. We each give our assessment of the Frenchman, we take a look at the factors which helped him win the title, discuss whether he can successfully defend the title, and pick out some of the highlights of his season.

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What I want for Christmas? Thank you for asking, I have been a good boy.

A big hp gain now for Yamaha's M1. Marquez's vision fully recovered by the next Test. Remove black from bikes besides Aprilia. KTM and new tires mating well, bike in form. Aramco stays in it's hell hole well away from our paddock. Health and contentment for all of us.

Thank you Motomatters Santa! (Just enjoyed Episodes 256 and 257 back to back, much appreciated stocking stuffer)

P.S. a little dwarf just told me, not Pedrosa, a Christmas thing...that Toprak Razzyigotglue is going to MotoGP next silly season. Which comes quite soon btw, and will be of unusually high intrigue.

Quartararo is looking to get on something else, but where? Suzuki is likely to have their 2nd seat available, but is that enough bike to warrant a switch vs pushing Yam for more motor? Not likely. 

Hard to imagine that there aren't enough Ducati seats available, but their stable is pretty full. But can we imagine Ducati signing yet another rider to join Pecco on the Factory Team besides Martin? Yes, when it is Quarty. I can see it! And worry if they do, even more than we already are, of Redominance. 

Honda. This new bike, it is looking very promising indeed. If the crystal ball is correct and this bike starts the season strong for 4 smiling riders, Quartararo may well be signing HRC.

I would be surprised if he stays. The Yamaha formula just became obsolete. This era is one of a raised floor of necessary outright power. Aero and shape shifters, along w Red's handling improvements, have seen to that. 

Honda's new bike is likely to leap ahead in stability, grip and feel. While retaining close 2nd best dyno performance. 

Always late blooming Suzuki just took their evolving bike forward. The ride height device is working and should get smoother. It is still the best handling bike. Rins has excelled at thorough crash testing, their spare parts program is 2nd only to Honda. :)    Really though, the engine has been good relative to Yamaha, and the new one offers more with the same character. 

Yamaha, after the engine freeze, came to the great 2021-2022 Testing with...nothing. Blue fooked. No one has done much with their bike besides Quarty. Everything he has displayed points to leaving from my view. And Yamaha deserves it. 

My crystal ball is partially color blind. It sees no Orange. Zero idea what happens next. But it sure sees a lot of Red, maybe that's why? Rewatches of Moto2 have me really impressed with Remy Gardner. Fernandez is really good, but Remy is great. He should lend himself well to the big bike. But can anyone see through the fog surrounding KTM? 

Going to enjoy eyeing Bezzecchi and Martin progress this year. And Pecco Bagnaia hasn't zenithed, what will come of battles for wins in Spring? Oh, juicy sweet salivation.

Merry Xmas, Chaps. I can't wait to be locked down all year and forced to argue about 2015 with you all repeatedly.

All the best mates. I really hope you all get some quality family time over the break.

No one needs to see spectators to know there's a human involved. The human element is on the motorcycle. SHEESH! I have never heard anyone anywhere say they want to watch someone else watch motorcycle racing. Yours is one of the worst arguments I've ever heard. The human element is on the bike. Sorry David, hard disagree. 

Watching Uccio jump around and hugging people when Rossi sneaks in P10 straight into Q2 is riveting. It's what kept me coming back these last couple of years. I don't care about all the red-sectors and final hot laps, they quickly become irrelevant.