Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 261: Fly Racing's Ex MX Star Jason Thomas On Training And Riding The VR46 Ranch

We have a special guest on the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast. Ex AMA motocross and Supercross racer Jason Thomas, now working with Fly Racing, joins Steve English, Neil Morrison, David Emmett, and Adam Wheeler to talks MX and MotoGP. JT has some fascinating insights and experiences, both as an ex-racer working with trainers, and having a very keen interest in MotoGP. He is one of a select group of people who have ridden flat track at the VR46 Ranch, and was there in 2014, the infamous occasion when Marc Marquez was also a guest at the ranch.

JT discusses that incident, but also gives his insights into the benefits of motocross as a training discipline for MotoGP, and what it takes to succeed at the highest level. He gives his view of the current state of MotoGP, as well as a deep insight into training and preparing at the highest level of sport, and more. The regular crew also gives a quick rundown on the latest developments in the world of MotoGP.

Thanks as always to Fly Racing and Renthal Street for supporting the show.

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Since no one has said anything yet- this was a really enjoyable discussion, although I may have some bias being familiar with JT from US MX and SX.  I minor point, but "flat track" should maybe more properly be described as "dirt track", to capture American TT races, which it sounds like is sort of what is set up at the VR46 ranch and how a TT bike would be built.  I will agree that dirt track is the best training abstraction for roadracing, but MX is the most complete workout and well rounded skillset training.  You will have muscles sore that you didn't even know existed and you needed.  Good times-...