Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 265: Looking Ahead To 2022

With the 2022 MotoGP season just days from kicking off, Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett gaze into their crystal balls to take a guess at what to expect this year. We take on a range of subject both serious and a lot less serious, and give our opinions on the ups and downs of 2022.

We start off with our predictions for who will win the 2022 championships in all three classes, with a surprising lack of support for the reigning champion. Then we discuss what or who we think will be our biggest surprise of the year, from riders to teams to manufacturers. We make our predictions for rookie of the year, before turning to a more lighter side of things. We give our opinions on the best and worst liveries of the 2022 season, and we predict what will the least surprising and most predictable development or pattern for this year.

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Welcome back Steve! Enjoyed #264 but you were missed. Listening to this right now...

The rider market stuff is supremely interesting. At Suzuki it would seem important to have some consistency. If Mir left for Honda (likelihood dropped) keeping Rins looks better. But when Mir stays Suzuki has a go at a young new kid, of which there are just a couple. Can't sign one of them (Raul?) then keep Rins on a 1 yr to try again. He is a good rider. 

I disagree Mr Emmett that there wont be a lot of changes. If Quartararo stayed Blue, yes - things won't look too tumultuous. I have him gone to Duc or HRC. Toprak to Yamaha. Raul Fernandez goes somewhere, Suzuki or Honda? The quick Japanese kid comes to LCR when Mir stays put. Acosta is going to get lots of poaching efforts and could be a surprise signing, less likely. But isn't this a good bit of change? 

Rookie of the yr, Bezzecchi. Why? Bike. David, love the quote "Acosta is Rookie of the year because he wins Moto2." Nice!

2022 Australian SBK Round 1 Phillip Isl season kick off.

You'll recognize some riders...Mike Jones, Brian Staring, L. Epis, Ant West, Maxwell and others. We had a MMatters friend or two there, right? The Ducati V4R looks a monster.

Let's be nice to David down there D9's. If he could change his speaking he would. Included in his brilliance and single minded burrowing focus on MotoGP is a wee speech impediment whilst expressing lots of complex interesting ideas. Not entirely neurotypical, which is really cool. 


^ You may be able to pop in from Pit lane Ibis, we are gridding up! (Leaving it up to Ivanhoe, if you ask me as long as you get it in BEFORE FP1 you can join in).

Look at the full "grid" of readers below. Top 5 in order plus 6 top rookie. No exact repeats of anyone else (different order is ok). Just post your picks below that post as a comment. 

Update: you are already in. I like your picks. Good luck!!

Ibis117: 1: Bagnaia; 2: Martin; 3: M.Marquez M; 4: Mir; 5: Morbidelli, 6: Fernandez

Waiting for the Round 1 Preview article from David to stick the 2022 Top 5 up. If it comes late, will post it here. This year Ivanhoe "best backmarker ever!" has kindly agreed to set up a spreadsheet and post an update after each Round. Hooray! Let's be patient with him if it takes a bit of time and comes late, especially the first one. 

You will be in my dirty air all season, Shrink.

Just as long as Cloverleaf is not ahead of me I am happy. I think you have really good odds! (We should be REALLY close). I am finding, as usual, my heart going to Suzuki and Mir. I will be happy to lose to him proving us both wrong. You know?

D999: 1: M.Marquez 2: Bagnaia 3: Quartararo 4: Miller 5: Mir 6: Fernandez

Motoshrink: 1. M.Marquez 2. Bagnaia 3. Quartararo 4. Mir 5. Martin 6. Bezzecchi

Fun Rookie battle ahead. Your kid looks great. My kid has quite a bike though. Close call!

I like Miller. If he has another blossom now it would be welcome! The intra-Red battle is hot and heavy. At present, it looks to be who is #2 with a gap to Bagnaia. Everything can change, eh? I see trajectory lines, and notice a Martin and Bastiannini both getting a good launch. There will be paint swapped. It should be brilliant. I hope you love it! Really, can you believe how outstanding this season looks from here?!


Hi Shrink can I slip in my pit lane entry in your tipping comp too?

Its shaping up to be a great season. With my limited knowledge I recon there's at least eight riders who could number 1 by the end of the season, so after polishing my crystal ball for a few hours heres my best guess. 

Morgs: 1:Bagnia 2: M.Marquez 3: Martin 4: Miller 5: Muir 6: Gardner

^ Just checked, no repeat, put you on the grid (right next to Poole Pirate). This should add some fun. Nice to have you. Good picks Morgs! Lots of M's. With you on Martin over Miller. 

I'd rather have a normal human being who really knows his stuff, than a polished "presenter" who evidently knows sweet Fanny Adams about motorcycle racing. All day. Every day.

I'm not denying Acosta's talent or record to date, but I am not comfortable with the annointing of him as the next Marquez. Yes, as a pro he should be able to handle the pressure, but as a young human, I find the piling on distasteful. How about letting things unfold naturally? 

Piling on the pressure is a natural sequence of events for these freaks of nature, and he best get used to it. I agree that it might be a little early but he has shown those glimpses of alien status far more than anybody else has in recent memory. He's quite a show.

There were a number of races last year where he didn't finish at the top and you could see his championship lead slowly evaporating. He think he needs to work on his consistency. We will wait and see. 

I propose a drinking game (highly recommended for alcoholics only) where you take a shot of some hard liquor every time DE says "Umm" or "Errrrr" - then catch the other 55mins of the podcast mid-afternoon the next day with your hangover in full swing. DE, you need to get some mongrel back into you. Tap into your centred zen state, open your mouth and then let your information overloaded brain unleash with fury onto us plebs. Let us take on some of your burden.

I have a speech impediment. It is expressed as silence when words don't come. Can be a struggle on "clumsy" days when everything going out the mouth just sounds all wrong.

The potential sub-plot of the Fernandez - KTM fall out is tantalising!
Speaking of games, my friends and I have started up a game (minor amounts of money involved) on guessing who will finish each race in tenth - the options are endless!

It is less than a day until the engines rev up for the season 2022 and i still have no clue what will happen.

What will Marquez do, is he willing to throw every ounce of himself into the competition - again?

What will Mir do, with a strong Suzuki AND a strong Honda on the horizon?

What will Fabio do, grabbing the money that Yamaha will throw at him - or what?

Is Aprilia on its way up and KTM spiraling down or viceversa?

In fact i had only one good line for the 2022 season - it will be like the cold war in the eighties, everyone's afraid of the red army - unfortunately this is so inappropriate in many ways in times like these.

(Groan with smile). Brave humor. And, what more perfect response to the big Red menace, resurgent against all expectation? 

Just look at the guy's 2 colors even! Viva JM36

I am backing Mir and Suzuki this yr. They have my heart and hopes. He is going to give it a good go and I wish them to prove us all wrong! 

is 2:40 am tonight my time. Should I set my alarm?

Heh heh, can't wait.

Re the next article, which I had awaited as Round 1 Preview in which to plop 2022 Top 5 proceedings, I have a comment to squeak in as solidarity.

In ancient Greece the word "idiot" was used to refer to someone not willing or able to be involved with public affairs. Self involved and short sighted. Not engaged in the political sphere. 

From this flowed the idea of an idiot as an ‘ignorant person’ and later evolved into our modern consideration of an idiot as an insult to someone’s intelligence. Recently, and for a goal oriented reasons, public discourse has been ensnared in a reductionist post truth "every opinion is valid," there are no experts, and even glorification of personal opinion without study nor tradition. Who and what does this serve? Just a few very rich and powerful people.

Puck Futin. 

We dodged a bullet on the Saudi Regime in our paddock. Rossi, you are a lucky devil indeed, even off the bike and in spite of yourself at times.

Qatar sucks. 

Okay, done with that. Let's race! Thank all things good that we still have the motorcycle racing. Every single one of us, no matter belief, language, color, or country...we can unite in our shared love of such trancendent experience.

I mean, Steve English loves golf of all damn things, and look at where HE still gets to be, eh? 

Now then. FP3 is going to set a tone. Watch what starts to take seed amongst Bagnaia, Marquez, Quartararo and Mir on track. Plus a few interlopers. There will be much intrigue. Pressure. Games. And best yet, RACING. In which we are all one. Not just afloat, thriving.

2019 Qatar 4min 20sec throwback video

Who wins in 2022? All of us. And we are solidly in a new OFF TRACK "polite era" of respect and lack of egoic shite. The new fast kids are a great bunch of people (well, Raul, keep yourself in check).

3 HRS of covg/commentary/interviews today (Thurs) in Qatar around annual class pictures etc. I will watch it so you don't have to? Skip to 48:10 for the "real start" of it (before is Asia Talent Cup w no commentary).

^ Amen

(Hey Ivanhoe, here's your cue mate!)

2022 Top 5 + Rookie 

Motoshrink: 1. M.Marquez 2. Bagnaia 3. Quartararo 4. Mir 5. Martin 6. Bezzecchi

Brian: 1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Mir 4. Martin 5. Miller 6. Gardner

Ibis117: 1: Bagnaia; 2: Martin; 3: M.Marquez M; 4: Mir; 5: Morbidelli, 6: Fernandez

Apical; 1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. M. Marquez 4. Miller 5. Martin 6. Gardner

Cloverleaf "#1 plate": 1. Bagnaia 2. Martin 3. Quartararo 4. Mir  5. B.Binder 6.Bezzechi

Curly: 1 Bagnaia, 2 M.Marquez, 3 Quartararo, 4 Miller, 5 Martin, 6 Fernandez

WW: 1. Quartararo. 2. Bagnaia 3. M.Marquez 4. Miller 5. Mir 6. Fernandez

D999: 1: M.Marquez 2: Bagnaia 3: Quartararo 4: Miller 5: Mir 6: Fernandez

Powervalve58: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Mir, 3. Bastianini, 4. Marini, 5. A.Espargaro, 6. Bezzecchi

Peterday: 1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Mir 4. Martin 5. Morbidelli 6. Di Giannantonio

Ivanhoe: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Quartararo, 3. Mir, 4. Miller, 5. Morbidelli, 6. Fernandez

Highside Specialist: 1. Bagnaia 2. M.Marquez 3. Quartararo 4. Mir 5. Miller 6. Fernandez

Poole Pirate: 1. Bagnaia  2. M.Marquez  3. Martin  4. Miller  5. Dovi 6. Fernandez

Yud77: 1. Quartararo 2. Bagnaia 3. M.Marquez 4. Mir 5. Morbidelli 6. Gardner

St. Stephen: 1) Quartararo, 2. Bagnaia, 3. Mir, 4. Martin, 5. Dovisioso, 6. Fernandez

KN58: 1. M.Marquez 2. Bagnaia 3. Miller 4. Quartararo 5. Zarco 6. Bezzecchi

SP_won: 1 Bagnaia, 2 Quartararo, 3 Miller, 4 Martin, 5 M.Marquez, 6 Gardner

WaveyD1974: 1: M.Marquez. 2: Bastianini. 3: Morbidelli. 4: Bagnaia. 5: Quartararo. 6: D.Binder.

TZnRDracer: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Quartararo, 3. Bastianini, 4. Miller, 5. Morbidelli, 6. Fernandez

TheBoss: 1. Quartararo, 2. Mir, 3. Miller, 4. Bagnaia, 5. Zarco, 6. Gardner

Gerrycollins: 1) Miller, 2) Bagnaia, 3) Mir, 4) Quartararo, 5) Martin, 6) Gardner 

daddyrat: 1. M Marquez, 2. Bagnaia, 3. Quartararo 4. Martin, 5.Morbidelli 6. Gardner

Rockhen: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Miller, 3. Quartararo, 4. Morbidelli, 5. M.Marquez, 6. Gardner 

oldholla: 1) Bagnaia 2) M.Marquez 3) Quartararo 4) Mir 5) Miller 6) Gardner

Emlupi: 1. Bagnaia 2. Marquez 3. Quartararo 4. Mir 5. Martin 6. Di Giannantonio 

stumo: 1. Bagnia  2. M.Marquez  3. Bastianini 4. Quartararo 5. Mir 6. Fernandez

Dman904: 1. Bagnaia  2. Miller  3. Quartararo  4. M.Marquez  5. Rins  6. Fernandez

Isoia: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Martin, 3. Quartararo, 4. M. Marquez, 5. Mir, 6. Gardner

Riesjart: 1. Bagnaia 2. Martin 3. M.Marquez 4. Quartararo 5. Bastianini 6. Bezzecchi

Wolferl123: 1. Bagnaia 2. Oliveira 3. Quartararo 4. Martin 5. Miller  6. Fernandez

BJ-Neilson: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Miller, 3. Martin, 4. Marquez, 5. Quartararo, 6. Gardner.

GSP: 1. Marquez 2. Martin 3. Quartararo 4. Bagnaia 5. Miller 6. Fernandez

Morgs: 1. Bagnaia 2. M.Marquez 3. Martin 4. Miller 5. Mir 6. Gardner (pit lane start 12 hrs before FP1)

guy smiley: 1. Quartararo 2. M.Marquez 3. Bagnaia 4. Mir 5. Miller 6. Bezzecchi (also from pitlane, and waving for a bump start push)


Big thank you to 2021 back marker and fantastic person Ivanhoe who has agreed to make a spreadsheet and post updates here after each Round. Thanks also to Aussie good fellow Apical who offered to assist as Race Direction as needed.

(Ivan, your spreadsheet puts us alphabetically if tied on pts, so how about me/you/Apical decide which of same pts is best, then you update their name w a letter a/b/c in front. Make sense? We will know, I did it by hand last yr. Grazi!).

May the best Motomatters fan win unless it is Cloverleaf. There is a prize of a shirt sent to the winner. Right Brian?

Let the race BEGIN. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines...

Not sure if it's too late to slip this in, and I know it's cutting it fine. Hard to coordinate with you lot from the depths of the Southern hemisphere. 

If you'll let me on play, I'd go: 1 - Quartararo, 2 - Marquez, 3 - Bagnaia, 4 - Mir, 5 - Miller, 6 - Bezzecchi 


Most definitely no hard feelings if I'm too late to the party. Was keeping an eye out for this thread but hadn't seen it mentioned until today. Can't wait to hear those engines fire up. 

^ It fit?

Dear friend, look for the "product" on our bikes, and ALL mine! It is good. Grip.

I don't know if it fits, it's a trophy not clothing LOL