Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 267: The Stats Man - Martin Raines Talks MotoGP History In Numbers

The Paddock Pass Podcast has a very special guest this episode. The father of MotoGP statistics, Dr Martin Raines joins Adam Wheeler, David Emmett, and Steve English to talk about the history of grand prix motorcycle racing, crunching the numbers, and much more. He talks about how he started collecting race statistics, the challenges of digging up historical records of past races, and his own history in the sport.

Mart's historical knowledge of the sport gives us an opportunity to contrast racing in the past with where it is now. We talk about the Transatlantic Trophy, and the role of such races in establishing new names in the sport, and discuss why putting on similar events is so difficult now. We talk about the safety improvements over the years, and how racing has changed.

Finally, we finish up with a look ahead to the Mandalika Grand Prix in Indonesia, discuss the results from testing, and what we expect to see after the upsets and surprises of Qatar.

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Fun one! Going to have a 2nd listen. 


Is Mandalika a Suzuki track? Maybe. It is HOT hot. Rain was in the forecast as of yesterday. The track surface is a big question mark. Brutal changing conditions/grip. A track that takes big balls. That may still be coming apart and flying around in the 75% that wasn't repaved. Confident in the repaved areas? How could we be? 

There will be surprises. And hopes. I have one held out for Aprilia. Another for the next step in Marc's fitness. And Suzuki's rear grip/tire nursing.

I really hope that everything comes together for this track. It could all fall apart with the heat and the new tarmac, which would be good for sensationalist reporting, but terrible for riders and racing fans. I wonder if Marc still has a penchant for slip-sliding all over the track. Perhaps him and Monsieur Miller could wet-race through this track for a point and confidence boost. 

A fantastic podcast as always. Feels like sitting down with a bunch of knowledgeable friends over a drink to chew the MotoGP fat. Sometimes when there's a big gap between races I have tried another podcast on another fairly popular site that covers MotoGP and the gap in knowledge is astounding. Some of the dross they spout has already been well disproved by the learned commenters on this site, let alone the paid writers. Anyway - less of a comment on them and more on the quality of content and commentary on Motomatters. 

Race weekend!! Bring it on!