Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 268: Mandalika Madness - Tarmac, Rain, And Highsides

In this week's episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, we look back at the inaugural MotoGP race at the Mandalika International Street Circuit in Indonesia. Adam Wheeler, Steve English, David Emmett, and on a very poor connection from Jakarta airport, Neil Morrison review a drama-filled weekend at Mandalika.

We start off with a discussion of how the rain that came down saved the GP, and stopped the track from falling apart. We go on to talk about the rear tire which Michelin brought, which made life very difficult for some, and ask whether it contributed to Marc Marquez' crash. We examine that crash, and ask what effect it will have on the rest of the season - this was recorded before the announcement that Marquez had suffered another bout of diplopia as a result of the crash. And we talk about Miguel Oliveira's remarkable victory in Indonesia, before finishing up with our winners and losers.

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regarding the shaman things, that is somehow a fake ritual I should say.  I am local, born here, been all my life in the area & I know believe you me.  This lady is supposed to prevent the rain form pouring out of mandalika skies and not acting trying to stop the rain that shes been trying to stop, but lets just admit it's a nice marketing gimmick done by eric tohir (she is known to have some connection with this the minister, he who called this shaman to do some show-off there).  The shaman been hired to stay there in the circuit for 4 days if not a aweek already.  She was sent from neihboring island and was given a place for the ritual just behind the paddock/entrance to the premiere class, where I park my car, yes I have P1 parking sticker on my car and park there near her tent, this is how I knew there were shamans (they were more than one, were working sepereately). on the heavy rain moment her servent burnt a tyre where a black smoke can been seen and smellt by my friend at Zone B, it was somekind of desperate moment for her I believe, as fire from woods would off course be immediately putt off the raine LOL.  The tyre was burnt on the parking lot near that tent just across the back the paddoct to the left.  So you see, she didnt do anything to stop the rain magically, but the the competence bureau did with their own thang.  And she failled to prevent the rain from pouring over the sircuit during the main event. Yandi-Lombok

No idea why there isn't a bunch of discussion in here. Ok.

Great stuff as usual! Big thank you folks.


If NO one else is reflecting on the wunduba discussion of PPP here on Motomatters, that makes me want to go and become a First Time Patreon with the gang!

Who wants to join me? Once four other people do it, I will be the 5th. You know, Suzuki style.

v Hey, let's vote with our dollars and Become A Part Of The Motomatters Team!

Don't make me call you buggers out by name. I know we've been raiding the fridge here for years. Heck, this is my favorite ever source of anything. Don't make me Patreon all on my lonesome here!


(Ah Mr Emmett, yer blushin'!)

Finding time to listen was a challenge Motoshrink. Good as usual, sound quality from Jakarta airport didn't help.

I can't justify subscribing, when it is hard to find the time to listen. My tech could be better too. 1 Phone upgrade fail. New phone not waterproof, oops. Old pos phone is tough & showerproof at least.

Yes I'm a listener when I can be, and loving it!

Welcome to MotoGp Darryn Binder! Give 'em all heaps, not just brother Brad.

The track, the track, the track? So far kind of ok? Still has some problems. Plenty of grippy grip even in the wet. Some damage and still some areas falling apart. Hope this can be resolved. SBK back at Mandalika for the second weekend in November. How many locals? Seemed like there was a good crowd for SBK last year. Higher prices than Formula Yawn at Sepang? Seems too high to me. Return on investment is needed but were they trying to get too much cash flowing in from one Gp event?

Tires and the track were the same for everybody. Not every rider had problems. Round & black compromises, make your choice & take your chances.

Congratulations KTM! We learned that testing is only testing. It is also data gathering these days too. Then the nerds & boffins get together & sift through bits & bytes. This goes with that, try Z and X, maybe W was better. Evaluate the tech ideas with Dani. try again in practice sessions. Stir vigorously and win again! Good job Miguel Oliveira! KTM lead the manu's & teams championships!

BB33's KTM rear ride height gizmo, epic fail! At the wrong time; in the race. But in the right conditions, lucky.

Fabulous Quartararo can do well in the rain! Learning new skills, all the time getting better! Such a champion.

Ducati, did they read all the reviews after testing and... what? Fall asleep on a bed of bay leaves? Pecco & Jorge Martin were gunna be great. Give them time. Bagnaia doesn't look like he can walk on water at the moment.

Did anyone pick JZ5 & Miller to be the top two Duck riders at Mandalika? Not me. Zarco ahead of both factory pilots.

Thank Papa Francesco that Bastianini is leading the title race right now!

Would you believe Jack Miller 43 is ahead of The Marc?

What about Darryn Binder having three times the points of his team mate Dovi?

How about; DiGia, Bezz , Martin & Raul Fernandez all on zero points? Not a sausage, no points at all.

Salivating in anticipation of Argentina, it has been too long. Several riders will be there for their first time. Fast corners etc. for the fast learners to make an impact on day one. Looking forward to the preview.