Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 270: A Surprise New Winner In Argentina

On Monday after a scintillating MotoGP race in Argentina, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett assembled over Zoom to take a look back at the events of the weekend. We discuss how the late arrival of freight affected the weekend, and how that threw up a surprise winner in Aleix Espargaro. We discuss how much of a turning point this is for Aprilia, and whether Aleix Espargaro or even Maverick Viñales will be able to repeat it.

We also discuss the chaotic start to the 2022 season, with 9 different riders on the podium so far. Does this mean that MotoGP is random, or is it disguising an underlying pattern? What will happen once MotoGP returns to Europe? And we finish up as always with our winners and losers, and predictions for the GP of the Americas in Austin on Sunday.

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Looking at the podium finishers this year, while no one rider has repeated their podium finish, if you look at the manufacturers it’s a different story.

Ducati is the only manufacturer that has been on the podium at all 3 races so far…but all with “satellite” bikes…once with the gp21, and twice with the full 2022 but in the satellite team.

KTM has been on 2 podiums, both with the official factory bikes.

Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha,and Suzuki have all had one trip to podium so far but all with factory bikes.

It looks like the Ducati is most consistent, but KTM has their focus on in the right spot.

Expect Europe to reveal the true pecking order…especially after Marquez return this weekend…can’t wait!

Finally for the stats nerds…Has there ever been a first time race winner that has also taken over the championship lead at same time, other than at the first race of a season?


Re Quartararo and signing for next yr, agreed that "I am not saying anything" still indicates he has a couple deals to get sorted and ink dry on one. He is the kingpin after which the rest follows.

He shows much of his mind via behavior. Yamaha might not even be his 2nd choice at this point? It looks to not be his first via SO many tea leaves. 

Mir signals that he is to be staying at Suzuki (when he got on this 2022 bike w more motor and same character for starters). So, this...combined with the increasing concern about The Marc's consistent presence...puts Honda and Ducati in a competition for Quartararo. There are just a couple perceived Alien caliber riders, and ONE is healthy and available. Quarty holds all three cards in hand, if not an offer from Suzuki too. What will he do? He wants a bike more than anything. As a personable and relational fellow he will also prefer a convivial garage. 

One could go on and on, esp that Motoshrink blabberer, so -- Ducati. A European team culture may appeal in addition to a bike he has been watching closely for a while now as rider after rider showed him the tail section. 

Neil! You are wonderful. Never change. "Winner at Argentina? Marquez!" Golden.

And, here comes The Marc at COTA. (I am not alone in still having him in this Title chase, glad you agree!). Plus a Suzuki, I am going Rins. 3rd sipping champagne on Sunday? Could be a Ducati, could be Mir, could be SHEEZUS a third of the fookin grid. This year has been nuts. Bagnaia, Martin, Bastiannini could all be on the podium. Only read I have there is that Bagnaia just took an uptick in my book. Tires should be drama free here, right? But there has been resurfacing. Going to assume traction is normal and that Quartararo can be there. Last thought? A surprise from Binder, feeling like he is due and poised.

You said sunny all 3 days, prev report said weather could get mixed Sunday? Just now it is improved, Sunday dry race nearly for sure, but there are clouds and a 4% chance of rain. 

Podcast Motomatters folks "may be at a bar" for a get together in Austin?! How cool! Everyone else may have wanted to get within sniffing distance of Valentino, but not me. I want to buy you that big steak and Party with the Paddock Pass Podcast Pals! You have REALLY enriched and enlivened the MotoGP experience and can't be appreciated enough. Can we please be a bit more planful for 2023? Earlier heads up, and a few of us will surely join in.

A ton of us aren't connecting with Twitter btw. Zero social media here by choice, left it for the Iannone types. Can you please and thank you do similar informational updates right here?

Grazi! Enjoy Texas. P.S. not all Americans are like Texans thank God. When I clicked on weather for Portland, Oregon an advert popped up for dairy free cheese. I changed location to Texas, and it was for a criminal defense attorney. Enough said, I rest my case.


On the zero social media/Twitter crapola. By choice.

Neil will be having two then?


Sincerely hoping to cultivate more a link in here so the Motomutterers can connect. "Having a pint" a better offer? (I don't have gluten, but the phrase works fine...cider?). We can do better than a last minute maybe not mentioned on the site for sure.

We could have a MMMeetup!?!

Sounds good to me Motoshrink.

I haven't listened to this PPP yet either.

MotoMatters Mob welcome here in Oz anytime. As to who, where and when I have no idea. I am definitely going to Philip island at the end of 2022. Unless I die before then. Some accommodation lined up at "the beach shack" Cowes.

Spa for the WEC bikes would tempt me to sell a kidney. Indonesia next year could be possible, looks pricey.

FreeDave used to organize our clan gatherings at the Gps. Sadly he is no longer with us.

I'm hopeless at this stuff, ask Breganzane.

So count me in somewhere, sometime, but don't ask me to organize it.

^ Warmest sent on over for FreeDave AND you being as cool as conceivable. No worries on the mild executive functioning, everyone has their role eh? And management schmanagement! Nice to just be one of the common folk with you. 

I will be lucky to get to Austin next yr and staying out of trouble. Pacific NWrs are a great distance, both geographically and otherwise. (Portland Oregon is nearly Canadian, Texas is nearly...oof). Amazing how big and diverse this country is. It is a 32 hour drive from here! Over 3,300 km to get there. And as big a cultural gap. Does that surprise Europeans?