Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 281: Mugello Review - Where The Crowds Went, Yamaha's Struggles, Marc Marquez' Surgery, And More

Mugello proved to be as spectacular as ever, despite the relative lack of crowds turning up. On Tuesday morning, Neil Morrison, David Emmett, and Adam Wheeler gathered to discuss the events of what turned out to be a surprising weekend. We talk about the crowds, why they might have stayed away and what they missed, and the difference between MotoGP and F1 in terms of support. We talk about Fabio Quartararo's phenomenal ride to second on a track where top speed records get broken, and ask why the other Yamahas were nowhere.

We examine why Quartararo chose the hard front tire when Yamaha historically preferred the softer option. We talk about why it is possible to overtake at Mugello, while it was almost impossible at Jerez and Le Mans. Naturally, we explain what Marc Marquez' surgery entails, and examine what his absence means for the sport and whether he will return. And we finish off with our winners and losers for the weekend.

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