Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 288: WorldSBK At Donington - Yamaha's Rider Conundrum And Jonathan Rea Interview

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, Steve English, Gordon Ritchie, and Charlie Hiscott look back at the Donington round of WorldSBK, and dive into the problem of finding and promoting talent. The Superbike Squad ask what Yamaha should do next, both at GRT and in the Pata Yamaha team, especially given the interest coming from the MotoGP paddock. Should Yamaha be looking at Tarran Mackenzie or other riders from BSB? Should they be looking at World Supersport? Should they keep Andrea Locatelli and Garret Gerloff, or be looking at MotoAmerica? And should Jake Gagne get another shot at WorldSBK?

Steve also speaks to Jonathan Rea for a Renthal Street Session interview, and Steve, Gordo, and Charlie discuss Rea's decision to sign on with Kawasaki for two more years. And the crew wrap up with their highlights of the Donington weekend.

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Im surprised how only Steve cared to comment on Gagne, especially how he has shown that neither Petrucci and Baz are not even worthy carrying his dirty underwear, of course Taz and Ray was mentioned more than once

Danilo Petrucci seems to be riding well. A third and a win at Brainerd.

I'm not worthy either, but my maths suggests Petrux may be leading the MotoAmerica championship.

Jake Gagne is riding quite well to. Congrats to him on his race 1 win

Baz isn't doing super good but he is ahead of Garrett Gerloff in the World SBK standings.

Didn't Cameron Beaubier beat Gagne in 2019 & 2020 before Gagne won the AMA championship last year? If I recall correctly this was after C.B. moved across to Moto2.

I'm still learning about these riders Dieterly thanks for your insights.

…..unless Gagne has a mechanical, or a crash then Petrucci is not even close and normally by the first lap he’s 1.5 seconds behind Gagne.  Oh yes, CB was beating him quite easily but Gagne learned from it and now he’s killing it. If Petrucci was given a WSBK factory for this season, no one  would have that anything about, however if Gagne would had got one then I’m sure people would have talked about it.