Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 292: Austria MotoGP - Sprint Race Bonanza, Yamaha's Gamble, And Silly Season Moves

On the Monday after the Austria MotoGP race, Neil Morrison, David Emmett, and Adam Wheeler gathered in Neil and Adam's hotel to discuss the aftermath of the Austrian round of MotoGP.

Naturally, we kick off with the big news of the weekend: that from 2023, MotoGP is to have sprint races on Saturday, half-distance races at every round of MotoGP. We discuss the ramifications of that decision, and what it means for the teams and riders. We then go on to discuss Ducati's dominance at the Red Bull Ring, Fabio Quartararo's remarkable ride, and KTM's curious policy of hiring champions and disposing of them after just one year, as well as other odds and ends from Silly Season.

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Videos of PPP on YouTube?!

Heck yes. First go this eve after work. Thanks guys! (Wait, David wore WHAT sweaty shirt? Adam had his hair cut by a blind drunk man? Fellas, you may need a bit of video polish?)

Going on record: I LOVE the sprint race plan. I hope Oliveira takes Aprilia and Raul Fernincompoop is tossed to WSBK. Remy deserves a ride. KTM has some soul searching to do. Looking fwd intently to the VERY BELATED DAMN new Michelin front tire, it will change the game. Mir looks well lost in a gutter, I am worried for him as he transitions onto the Honda gravel hound. Gas Gas is a cool thing. Toprak <--> Morbidelli seat swap would be good for everyone. 

Help! Who has info about the Yamaha Euro Test Team? Are they functional/launched? In Italy, yeah? Dovi should join. 


3 mins onboard w Quarty (watch the Mir highside to the moon at :40. 1:50 to 2:30 battle w Miller and Martin is gorgeous. (Hey, Martin deserves criticism - he ate his own arse, that crash went right through Miller's wheel! Watched it 10 times).

Slow Mo