Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 294: Misano MotoGP - Bagnaia vs Bastianini, Yamaha At The Limit, And The State Of MotoGP

After the tense thriller of a MotoGP race at Misano, the Paddock Pass Podcast crew got together to mull over events. Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett sat down to discuss Andrea Dovizioso's retirement, Pecco Bagnaia's fourth win in a row, and the state of MotoGP as it is.

We kicked off with a discussion of just how strong Pecco Bagnaia's performance was at Misano. We ask if his momentum has become unstoppable now that he has won four races in a row, and what this means for the championship. We discuss Marc Marquez, what it means that he will be testing at Misano, and whether a return to racing is on the cards sooner rather than later.

In the light of Bagnaia's win, we ask if Fabio Quartararo can hang onto his championship lead until Valencia, especially given that MotoGP returns to the overseas rounds in Thailand, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia after Aragon. And we take a dive into the state of MotoGP, with its fan survey, and what that means for the sport, Pecco Bagnaia's choice of Dennis Rodman as a sporting hero for his helmet, and what the attendance at Misano has to say. And we finish up as always with our winners and losers.

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Thanks for the podcast, fellas.

One request: Would you shed light on why Forcada is not crew chief for Morbidelli this year (and apparently will not next year also)?

Thank you. 

Quartararo says he is very happy w the motor. There is more power to come from it as it gets sorted via electronics.

Counting it a success, and crucial one. Fabio for 2023 Top Step for me. Bagnaia 2nd. Unless Marc Marquez surprises, but I have him 3rd I think. Bastianini 4th. 5th? I'm going Vinales! Or one of the Pramacs. Or Mir? Not an easy call. 

We only have one Rookie in A.Fernandez, right? That's ironed out. Unless Ogura surprises. 

Confirmed that VR46 are running 2022 machines. Got it.

Paul Denning just said 2024 Toprak taking Morbidelli's seat is a possibility. I like that a lot. Seems a good fit, eh?

it’s either gonna be Red Bell Yamaha or Minster Toprak as that’s got to be the main reason they’re not getting it together sooner. All that energy rutting against each other…

Good stuff!

Neil, let's lower your camera and bring your chin into view eh? You are the guy I always agree with! So take this warmly.

Has anyone else ever confused Steve English with Matt Robert's? In me head I have them merged!


Adam, you're sounding a bit mad suggesting Dovi will ride GP's next yr. I'll take that 20 quid! How about a shirt? I disagree w you often. Happy to take plenty of bets!

My eyes ARE on Marc. He's back. Soon. Bike fit can come on the bike. Kalex aluminum swingarm? Good news, and signal of a high rate of change at HRC.

Neil, what is the "87" for on your Twitter name? I can't guess. You are too young for that to be a high school graduation. What is it?

Dennis Rodman = complete idiot. Pecco is too for getting in bed w him and N.Korea. Saudi Arabia race? Also utter stupidity. Better not be a Tilke crap circuit. Qatar is bad enough. Russia, N Korea, to a lesser degree China and Israel...short list of bullshit horrible global politics countries, right? Don't support the Saudi regime! 


Toprak's manager is a Putin ally?! Whelp, just like that, dropping support for him. Thanks. Done. Fook him. Go Bautista/Duc! Shooting for Bagnaia too, let's get a Red sweep!

I liked Bastiannini's white livery, it is much like what I'm doing w my Triumph. The VR46 livery, it was GORGEOUS!! Completely disagree Steve and Neil. Favorite in a long time!

We need some color. Orange (HM Plant), Green (not Kawi), Purple (more than Pramac), Pink via Bastiannini and A.Espargaro, more Yellow like the previous VR46 retirement livery, I miss Rizla light blue. We have too much black! It suits Aprilia quite well (more Tricolore please!). Yamaha needs to go Blue again. Repsol looks nice. Sorry to swap Orange bikes for Red Gas Gas I think. I rather like the Green Castrol LCR. COLOR! Mas por favor.