Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 295: Magny-Cours WorldSBK - Did Jonathan Rea Get Off Lightly?

The WorldSBK round at Magny-Cours managed to both stir up plenty of controversy and tighten up the championship. Plenty for the Paddock Pass Podcast WorldSBK Division to get there teeth into, and Steve English, Gordon Ritchie, and Charlie Hiscott dive straight in. Obviously the biggest controversy revolved around the incident between Jonathan Rea and Alvaro Bautista, and the crew ask if Rea got off lightly with just a Long Lap penalty.

There's plenty of discussion about Ducati as well, especially about what the team should do for a second rider. Keep Michael Ruben Rinaldi or swap him for Axel Bassani. That leads on to an update on the latest silly season gossip, including speculation as to where Remy Gardner might end up, and what it might mean. And Steve sits down for a Renthal Street Session interview with Michael van der Mark, who returned to action after injury in France.

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Big J Rea fan but that was a shit move, making “room” where there was none.

Rea seemed to stand it up when he realised his mistake but it was waaaay past the point of no return……and the damage was done with Bautista committing/tipping into the corner as you would expect.

Shit happens, but you also have to own your shit, can’t help feeling Rea has been kissed on the d*ck with this “punishment”.

I can only imagine what would have happened if JR had pulled that move on Scott Redding.

Oh, what an alarming thought! You thought Queen Elizabeth had a difficult week last week? The last time something like that occurred ended up with a Lionhearted King dead and an epic Braveheart movie. 

"Rea and Redding shall fight to the death! Tattoos will be flexed. Green and White paint swapped. Race Direction be damned."

"They sacked York your majesty."

"Send my French daughter in law to the Kawasaki garage bearing this message...Toprak is passing on the inside, but Beautista will be cutting in from the outside. Rea must brake later. As a show of our support, take these special tires and a case of Harp lager. With Guinness it is a "half and half," not a black and tan, served in 22oz glasses and quite tasty with haggis and potatoes. Freeeedommm!!"

Off to work on a mini scrambler out back. Here comes Marc?