Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 297: Aragon Review - Debating The Merits Of Team Orders, And The First-Lap Mayhem

The return of Marc Marquez left us all a lot to talk about on the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, and on Tuesday, Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett took a long look back at the first-lap mayhem which unfolded. But before we got to the incidents between Marquez, Fabio Quartararo, and Takaaki Nakagami, we had a long and heated discussion about team orders. Should Ducati tell Enea Bastianini to stand aside for Pecco Bagnaia? And should Bastianini take a blind bit of notice if they did?

We also discuss Izan Guevara's win in Moto3, Pedro Acosta's victory in Moto2, and what was behind the Sterilgarda Max mechanics stopping Adrian Fernandez from leaving the pits in Moto3. We finish off as usual with winners and losers, and take a brief look ahead to Motegi.

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I didn't think MM just 'lost' the rear, I thought his bike stopped.  Anyone else feel it wasn't just the back stepping out?  His bike stopped moving forwards.  


Naa, the rear stepping out, and probably closing the throttle a bit,  will lose drive and with the acceleration of the bikes being as fierce as they are it would appear that the bike stopped...then fabio ran into it...

I think Marquez thought/felt that there was something wrong with the bike just after that crash, but being a racer, he would carry on until he was either stopped or it became very apparent there was a major problem.

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Back to the racing...

Aren't all the things Steve was criticising Gigi about actually the responsibility of Tardozzi and Ciabbati? While he no doubt has input I thought Dall'Igna made the bikes and Tardozzi and Ciabbati ran the team, signed and managed riders, and would be the ones enforcing any team/factory orders. Sort of the inverse of the HRC situation where everyone seems to think Puig in response for the bike being no good when that's Takeo Yokoyama's job.