Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 299: How A Soaking Wet Buriram Shook Up The Title Chase

The Grand Prix of Thailand changed the face of the 2022 MotoGP championship, with rain throwing a spanner in the works for Fabio Quartararo. Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler, and David Emmett chew over the results, and examine how it played out. We start, of course, with what went wrong for Quartararo, and how tire pressure impacted his race. We go through the compromises teams have to make when setting up bikes for the wet, and the guesses they have to make about the weather.

Then we move on to the 2023 MotoGP calendar, and how it came about. We discuss the impact it will have on the paddock, and Neil reminisces about the end of the 2020 season, without any fondness for the compact schedule. We take a look at the shocking video which emerged of a mechanic physically assaulting Tom Booth-Amos back in 2019, and what it means for the series. And we finish off, as always, with our winners and losers.

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Could you imagine the pressure within Factory Duc riders Bagnaia and Bastiannini? On track, also involving Marc, off track the news that Red is interested in the Alien?


Outside of Honda, Ducati is the bike that makes sense. Unless...Aprilia if no seat is avail at Ducati? 

Of course it is really FOUR seats at both Ducati and Aprilia to consider, since they can shuffle riders around in their Jr Teams (Pramac/RNF). Really Need Finances via a big main sponsor still btw.

Pressure will be big in the FOUR teams, like just happened w Miller/Martin/Bastiannini recently.

Already pondering Silly Season, odd. But compelling. Last "cornerstone" unsigned rider was Quartararo. He stayed put for promises. Look how that is going. He may lose to Aleix if things go sideways. 

Then we have reminders like Maverick to further the point. And Oliveira if the crystal ball is working. Jack Miller as a reverse move unfortunately. Binder if you believe he is a front pack rider on a rear pack bike. 

PLUS, the global economy is already rolling into a crash. So $ on Offer will be low for new rider contracts. Marc may be offered a pay cut relative to his last (record breaking?) one. 

Sorry for length and complication, this is the short version. Lots of factors!

F1 2023 Schedule: Record 24-race calendar revealed as Las Vegas debuts and China returns. “Extending the limits of physical endurance for photographers, reporters, mechanics, etc”.

I know plenty of service techs who travel much more than 23 weekend a year, and they do it year after year, and decade after decade.